Was recently academically dismissed from a 4 year university,, want to get my gpa up

Long story short, I messed up in my time at my current/previous university. I had warnings and probations, and always go through, but, this year did a number on me, and I just couldn’t do it. All my motivation was zapped.

The first thing I realize is to not jump back into school right away. I need to go to counseling or therapy because my issues are more than just “being lazy” and I need to work out what I want and how to improve my mental wellbeing.

The problem is, after looking around for advice, the common path it seems is transfer to a community college and get my gpa up and transfer to a 4 year. However, I’m confused because community colleges don’t offer 4 year programs, so what would I be supposedly transferring into? I have tried looking up info and reaching out to the prospective colleges I’m looking at but I can’t seem to find info I need.

Would I simply be transferring into just being at the college and taking classes without having an end goal set up for a program?

If anyone has advice or experience in the subject I would really appreciate the help

How many credits did you have before being dismissed? Typically you would, when ready, go to community college. Repeat classes in which you failed or did poorly, and prove you can handle college level work and that your mental health or motivational issues are behind you. Then after a year or two of good grades you could reapply to finish up at a four year program.

The other alternative is to search for “colleges that accept everyone”. They’re out there. There’s a risk to that path because you could end up back where you are now, but with a lot more debt and an even longer history of poor performance on your transcript.

I have 90 credits. I know that if I try to transfer anywhere not all of them will be taken, which is just a price of consequence. So, when you say take classes, would I full on transfer to the community college? Or just take the classes as partial enrolled?

You need to communicate with the CC that you might attend. Yes, you would be a transfer student there. But you might be able to get your AA or AS degree in only a semester or so. Or there might be a short program you could complete that would hep you get a decent job right away.

Then when you really are ready, you can look for a good place to finish your education.

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