Was Yale worth it?

<p>I am interested in hearing from alums who worked hard to get into their dream school.
Was it ultimately worth it and did it live up to your expecations and if so how and if not why was it a let down?</p>

<p>I can't answer your question directly because I didn't work hard to get into any dream school. I worked hard because I loved learning and wanted to milk my school and my instructors as much as I could. Yale and other schools I applied to that December were frankly a natural extension of that attitude. By October of my senior year, I knew I had a plum acceptance to a fantastic school in hand. Therefore, applying to Yale and other like schools was just a fancy -- but certainly I had no fixed aim that I "should" be at one of them. My attitude was very come what may. </p>

<p>That being said, I chose Yale b/c they appeared to be the school that had the best combination of resources both academic, social and cultural. I wasn't disappointed. They are among the four best years of my life and I have a large handful of lifelong friendships.</p>

<p>I and my classmates were sometimes just in wonderment at the opportunity we were afforded. I've heard that some Camburgians can be a little let down -- feeling that they couldn't turn down a H acceptance. The sheer "happiness" factor at Yale is exceedingly high. And I believe with good reason.</p>

<p>Exceedingly well said by T26E4. It lived up to my expectaions by giving me four years to surround myself with some of the most impressive and passionate classmates of my generation and establish friendships that matter to me decades later. I'm sure the teaching quality was excellent and some courses unrelated to my major like Modern Chinese History and Intro Art History were mesmerizing but it was my classmates that made the most difference. I agree with T26E4 that I didn't work hard to get into Yale but my academic achievement fortunately allowed that opportunity. Although all the ECs logged by applicants are looked at to make Yale an interesting place, some students who have to "work hard" to perform well enough to get into Yale are not going to have the free time to do meaningful ECs and this will be noted by the adcoms.</p>