WASC student rep - how important?

<p>I am the sole student rep. for the school on the WASC accreditation committee in a highly competetive private christian international school in Korea. I oversee the School Wide Action Plan and how the school can improve its administrative decisions that impact the education of the students at the school...</p>

<p>Sounds impressive, but really, how important is it on my college app?</p>

<p>Hrmm. I'm the WASC Accreditation Student Advisor, and I never put that on any of my college applications..</p>

<p>Honestly, if you were to ride back on that EC alone, then you are pretty desperate there...</p>

<p>And the way I see it, you go to a "highly competitive private Christian international school in Korea.." I go to a school in mid-city Los Angeles, failing under No Child Left Behind and other performance indicators, and we struggle every year to get accreditation DONE, much less pass.</p>


<p>Sorry, little rant there.</p>