Wash Post Article: Roe vs. Wade decision impacts college decisions

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This is also concerning us, as we also were beginning to toss around the idea of a snowbird place in Florida. I can’t see how we’ll do it now. There’s gotta be a relatively cheap and warm place that isn’t frothing at the mouth…


But those dems are concentrated in the cities. Similar to many purple states with red legislatures and blue governors.

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I don’t know how things were in the 60’s for etopic pregnancies, for d&c’s, for basic care. I do know my mother was on the pill when it first was available and she had to go off it for 6 months (thus my youngest brother).

Were women not getting care for etopic pregnancies? Could they not get birth control in some states? I really don’t know and don’t remember if women were dying because they couldn’t get care.

I had an ectopic pregnancy (when abortion was legal) but never once did anyone call it an abortion. My gynecologist (not an ob, and he didn’t perform abortions or deliver babies) performed the surgery, it was never billed as an abortion (I had a government policy and it did not cover abortions, but i wasn’t billed a dime). I really wasn’t given any choice. At 8 in the morning I was in the doctor’s office and by 9 I was in surgery. Sign here, do this, go here. There were no options presented of doing anything other than surgery, and doing it ASAP.

I just can’t imagine that ectopic pregnancies won’t be treated as a medical emergency. Some of the reddist states have the nicest medical facilities. I don’t think those doctors will suddenly change their best practices and question every procedure. They will continue to practice the best medicine they can. The insurance companies will continue to treat claims for medical care as medical care and not as an elective procedure.

But if I am wrong, and in the 50’s and 60’s women were endangered because doctors refused to do ectopic surgeries, let me know. I just don’t remember reading those statistics anywhere.


In the 1950s and 1960s there were not any “heartbeats laws” so doctors could do what they needed to do. An additional change since the 1960’s is that ectopic pregnancy, if caught early enough, now can be treated with an abortion pill rather than surgery. But now pharmacists are starting to refuse to fill prescriptions for this pill. When possible, the pill is a way better choice than surgery, because it allows you to keep your tube (the entire tube often has to be removed if ectopic pregnancy is treated surgically.)


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This seems to be a political thread imo. Not all Republicans are anti abortion, not all Democrats are pro choice either. Maybe we should just shut down this thread period.


Harbaugh is a football coach. And a strange one at that. He’s pro-life. He obviously doesn’t speak for the university or the State of Michigan.

Tom Cruise is a strange guy too, but I love his movies.


Harbaugh’s views are representative of the state? Do you know he’s a big supporter of BLM? He supported Colin Kaepernick when few would.

And the last Presidential election was essentially 50/50. Also Governor Whitmer is a D and popular.

I don’t think even the citizens of Michigan know which direction the State will go in terms of abortion ban or not.


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