Wash U St Louis v Northwestern? (Business/Communications)

<p>I want to go into a business/marketing/entrepreneurship related field. Wash U has the Olin b-school - NU does not have a business school but has a similar communications major and marketing/business certificates.</p>

quarter system. Will be harder, but will create better work ethic and I can take more classes
slightly higher prestige
they take really good care of you in terms of job placement - it's easy to get an internship or job</p>

<p>Wash U
really liked the laid-back atmosphere - everyone just seems so happy
great b-school, possibly more directly tailored toward my interests
not as cold as NU
guaranteed housing</p>

<p>both campuses are beautiful. I don't care that much about sports. The location is a secondary concern because honestly I probably will stay on campus most of the time.</p>


<p>If those are the reasons you have for going to Northwestern, then I say go to Washu.</p>

<p>Your reasons for liking WashU are more convincing than your reasons for liking Northwestern and lead me to believe that you think you will personally be happier there...so go there.</p>