WasH U Transfer Chances Pls

<p>International student seeking financial aid
Studying in a university in Nepal
Last year Waitlisted and then rejected
Applying for electrical engineering
SAT 1 : v:600, M:760, W:680</p>

<p>SAT 2: Math 1:800, Math 2:800, Physics 780</p>

<p>GPA: Not yet received( probably higher than 3.75)
Rank(Expected): In the top 2%</p>

Club Activities - President
school band - bagpiper
lots of volunteering and community service</p>

<p>just will have to fill a reactivation letter and submits recs from college advisors and professors</p>

<p>Joined my present univ because the admission officer at WUSTL suggested me to try and transfer this year instead of applying early decision, which i thought of earlier</p>

good, with a few best of my career</p>

<p>Pls help me</p>

<p>have you send off ur app? I think you have a good shot. I got waitlisted with a lower SAT score than yours. Unless you took some really difficult courses, your chances against US students are slim. Speaking from experience, we int'l students have little chances to get accepted in the first place.</p>

i have not sent my app
i dont know if the courses i took are difficult or easy really</p>

r u also applying</p>

<p>and do i have a good shot or slim chance</p>

<p>Comparing to me, you have a better chances of getting in; however, seeking fiancial aid will kill your chance. Although they say fiancial aid is availible to everyone, I think you and I know that it is not true for all int'l students. </p>

<p>So what classes you have taken so far, such math or science and writing?</p>

<p>yes u r right on the financial aid thing, but wash u is my dream and i want to take the chance even though it is very slim</p>

<p>hmm the courses i have taken and the respective credits are
Math 101 -4
Phys 101 -2
Chem 101 -3
Comp 101 - 2
Engt 101 -2
EEEG 101 -3
Edrg 101 - 2
Engg 101 - 2</p>

<p>come on others
what do you think
pls help</p>

<p>u may have a good chance send in the application asap asmissions are based on rolling...</p>


<p>ya i am trying to send it asap
but my end semester results are not out yet</p>

<p>btw you applying too?</p>