Wash U v. Emory v. Northwestern v. Carnegie

<p>Hey guys, </p>

<p>I would like to know your opinions on these four schools, and how they compare to one another for my desired field of study: Im looking to major in biology (cell / molecular) and concentrate as a pre-med with asparations of going to medical school... Just an academic comparison if you can...</p>


<p>Washu > NU > Emory > CMU.</p>

<p>If USNews rankings mean enough to you patfan10, cj is absolutely right. WashU is 1 better than NU, NU is 8 better than Emory, and Emory is 2 better than CMU... However, as I've said in a different post, pre-med is only as good as what med school it gets you in, and I believe you, patfan10, already argued in Emory's favor for that.</p>

<p>But just for fun... a non-specific undergrad ranking would in fact be... NU> WashU = Emory > CMU</p>

<p>I've heard much more positives about Emory and Wash U's pre med programs than I have Northwesterns.. Is that just random or do they just have a higher level of prestige?</p>

Wash U