wash u vs ut austin ($10000 instate tuition)


<p>i'm struggling to make my decision between Wash U and UT austin since Wash u tuition is $43000(i didn't apply FA this year) and ut tuition is only $10000 for me.
if i go to wash u, i'll double major in math and psychology(or pnp), and minor in art (painting). if i go to ut, i'll double major in math and studio art. i love wash u much more than ut(i really don't like huge university, huge class, and ut's core curriculum) but money is a important factor.
any suggestion? thanks!</p>

<p>No one should make a suggestion for you. We don’t how to rate your “money is a important factor”. </p>

<p>If you are a top student, you can find a college that will cost less than a top colleg. You have to decide the balance of less cost vs better education. Maybe you should look for a college that is in between WashU (cost) and UT (you listed several things you don’t like about UT).</p>

<p>UT is the only school that cost less for me since i’m a texas resident…
i really care about the academic quality , but i also don’t want to give to much pressure to my parents…</p>

<p>I agree with onecot- no one can or should make a suggestion. We do not know your financial circumstances, goals, expectations, desires. You really need to sit down with your parents and discuss the whole financial situation and see what makes sense. I note you did no apply for FA at WUSTL. Was that on oversight or an assumption that you would not receive aid? You mentioned that money is an important factor, so I wonder if you would have qualified for aid.</p>

<p>vote for Austin</p>