Washington and Lee ED2

Any others applying ED2?


Any idea when the decisions will be released? This Friday or next?

My son!

Anyone have intel about number of ED2 applications, ED1 acceptance numbers or certainty about next Friday being the date? Son’s stats put his solidly within admit range, but that isn’t a certainty. He did not get into his ED1 school, which was a reach, and we think W&L is a better option anyway. Just trying to calm nerves.

@middling ED2 decisions will be released tomorrow as per the website at 8 pm. As long as your son put up his best application and showed a clear demonstrated interest in attending W&L it sounds like all will be fine. A nice big glass of wine might calm those nerves tonight :). Hoping to see your son next year at W&L!

How did you guys do? My son has a deferral.

He got in. Wishing you the best in this stressful time.


@middling - Congratulations! W&L is a special place, I know your son will love it! A word of advice -book your parents weekend hotel rooms now! They do sell out and reservations opened last September so upperclassmen parent have booked already for next year.

@hellofall - make sure your son shows continued interest. He should write a letter to the admissions office expressing his continued desire to attend W&L and if there are any updates he has that would strengthen his application he should include that (awards, honors, etc). Also, if he didn’t interview, have him do one. My kids W&L coach made sure that they both did them before they applied. I think they take them into account for showing demonstrated interest in attending. Hopefully, we will see your son at W&L too! Good luck with the process :). It’s so stressful…

Found this site while searching for information. My son got in to W&L - binding ED2.
We had never heard of it (we’re in Texas) but football offers started coming in & he liked the W&L coach so much, plus the information about the school was very impressive, so we went to visit.
We all fell in love! We are really excited that it’s all officially OFFICIAL now!

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Seconding @fly4free : book hotel room for both Parents’ Weekend and Orientation now. Dates will be on the school calendar, and you might want to make reservations for both the night before early move-in in case your kid does a Pre-O trip (many do) as well as regular move-in. Limited supply of hotel rooms and Airbnbs means things in Lex sell out early for big weekends, and staying in Staunton, Waynesboro, or Roanoke is a bit of a drive.

Hey, seems that you know a lot about W&L admission process. I am an international student from Tajikistan and i was deferred to the RD. I really wanna go to the Washington and Lee, therefore I would be happy if you could help me with some advice about what should I do next since interviews are not available for international students. However, I already emailed them and showed my continued interest , but still i am worried that it’s not enough.

Here is my email orzubek.sultonshoev@gmail.com i really hope you will find time and help me with this. Thanks in advance!