Washington College should have a thread. (Now it does).

<p>I'm a sophomore at WC and it's dear to me. I don't want prospective students to be put off by the quiet in this corner of College Confidential! Ask questions.</p>

<p>Washington College should indeed have a thread. WAC isn't for everyone but it can be a great fit for the right student. My eldest daughter was interested in the college 5 years ago and was admitted with a top merit scholarship. She ultimately went elsewhere but remains fond of the school, Chestertown and the Eastern Shore and occasionally muses about what it would be like to teach there once she completes her PhD. and purchases her first boat!</p>

<p>I am a newbie to posting, but have spent many months investigating on CC. My one & only child will be a freshman in Fall 2013. We visited WAC in May and liked it very much. My daughter decided to apply and has been accepted to WAC. She has already been offered a generous merit scholarship & an invitation to the Presidential Fellows program. She is thrilled with all the attention she has garnered, but we are unsure if WAC is the right choice for her. Her fields of interest are environmental science & creative writing. She wants a small LAC, but is concerned that WAC is too small & doesn't have the course offerings & resources available at other schools.</p>

<p>Lanegwyn, anything you could tell us to help in this decision would be much appreciated!</p>

<p>TMom, when did your daughter apply, that she has received a decision already?
My daughter also applied EA about 3 weeks ago.
We haven't visited as we live outside a day's drive, although my D did have an interview with an admissions counselor from our area.
Washington College sounds like a wonderful school.</p>

<p>Dagrees, my daughter applied on 9/22 and heard back on maybe 10/10 or so. The scholarship letter was included with acceptance. The Presidential Fellows letter came just a few days ago. She had a priority application since we had visited & interviewed in the spring, sent SAT scores earlier than her app, and were in communication with an admissions counselor. They had indicated she would be notified in about 3 weeks from her application.</p>

<p>I believe the EA deadline is Dec 1st, so it could be that round of decisions won't be released until after the deadline. You could check the website to see if they provide a notification date. I am sure if you have concerns you could call admissions. They are very helpful.</p>

<p>What is your daughter interested in studying? DD is sitting in on classes next Friday, 11/16, so I will post about that. Any insight can help in this decision, right?</p>

<p>DD & I visted Washington College last week. Campus as lovely as we remember from the spring. DD met with admissions counselor, not really an interview as she had done that in May, but just to answer questions & promote some facets of school that might be suited to DD. Very friendly staff. We were also invited to stop by Fin Aid office, which I did alone as DD headed off to her busy day. Fin Aid officer stated that, although the FAFSA is required, decisions are made on a case by case basis. He stressed staying in contact with the office especially in the event of changes in financial situation.</p>

<p>DD visited a creative writing & an intro bio class. She liked both classes, but felt that kids were much more friendly in cw class. She loved the adorable literary house & its printing press workshop. She was also taken on a student-led tour & was able to see everything she expressed an interest in & 2 dorms. Another student met up with her for lunch - yummy. Student staffers did a great job seeing that she got where she needed to go, which is a blessing on an unfamiliar campus. She learned a lot more about WAC & is glad she applied. She liked the small class size & can definitely imagine that students get personal attention. She wishes campus felt overall a little more friendly, but students she dealt with one-on-one were very nice.</p>

<p>As a sidenote: DD lost her cell phone sometime early in the day & it was turned in by the time we were leaving campus. To me, that alone says so much about the school & students!</p>

<p>Another sidenote: I was able to explore town while DD was busy on campus. Nice, safe small town with many small shops (including a great used bookstore, The Book Plate), little restaurants, and, of course, the riverfront. Could be a little pricey for students, but a real pleasure for me, would go back for a visit just for fun.</p>

<p>WC just had its Fall Open House this past weekend.</p>

<p>Washington might turn out to be below my D's radar level but we had a very nice time.</p>

<p>D accepted with merit. Looking forward to visiting as an accepted student.</p>

<p>Ok, so DS toured and interviewed twice. Received acceptance!!! Loved it! But, he is leaving a senior class of 5 and is afraid WC may be too small and quiet. He is an extrovert and very social. He has no draw to a major and afraid he may be limited in choices. My big push is about internship availability over exact course selection. Any comments?</p>

<p>My son was admitted EA & received $16,500 in merit. We have not seen the school & he applied b/c it was a free app & the school is in MD. He is looking to major in political science, I would love to hear more about their program.</p>

<p>My D has yet to visit, as well(see above post). She is interested in their History, English and Elementary Ed. Everything I hear about this school is good. I would think their Pol. Sci dept would be strong as well.
I believe Washington College may be another hidden gem that flies under the radar.</p>

<p>For those of you whose kids got scholarships, would you mind posting their stats? I'm thinking about applying to WC, and want to see what kind of scholarship I might get!</p>

<p>My son visited WC at last year and had a very nice experience there on campus. He used the priority application, and was accepted at Washington College for next Fall! He is very excited about the opportunities there, and will visit again in February for an overnight to make sure that it is indeed the right fit. He has interest in Political Science and History. I would encourage parents and prospective students to spend some time with the Catalog. We were impressed by the variety of courses and internships available for a smaller school.</p>

DS toured and interviewed twice


<p>Do you mind talking about the circumstances of the interviews?
Did WC say they were required?
And, why two of them?

he is afraid WC may be too small and quiet


<p>I don't know about quiet.
It was quiet the day we were there ... but it definitely is small.
There's no getting around that.
There are a lot of small schools and there are a lot of big schools.
You and he just have to determine what's best for him.</p>

<p>Regarding Stats
GPA 86 (unweighted)
1900 SAT's
27 ACT's
mostly leadership EC's like VP of senior class
lots of EC's
very nice letters of recommendation
has a job</p>

<p>Interestingly enough, this school jumped 19 spaces in US News & World Report rankings.</p>

<p>S has applied to WC. H and I like it a lot for him, maybe better than he does. Is it the kind of place where most students leave on the weekends? This wouldn't be a viable option for S, as he has no car. Also, does one need a car at WC?</p>

<p>Not at all a place where people leave on the weekends! And it seems, to me, like most students here don't have cars. There are shuttles that run to and from DC and Annapolis on the weekends (I'm almost certain that service is still available- and maybe free). It's certainly helpful to have a car, because Chestertown is a small, quiet place and it's nice to get away sometimes, but it's not necessary. Just make friends with someone who has a car :).</p>

<p>Son got in with merit aid. Haven’t visited yet but it looks like a lovely campus and town. Looking forward to visiting it in the coming weeks. </p>