Washington DC apartments for young professional (safe & quiet)

Any recommendations for separate one bedroom apartments for professional, straight males. Neither can have a roommate due to need to be able to work at any time day or night (conference calls).

Both are attorneys; both have multiple graduate degrees; both are very social; both are “deep thinkers” so quiet apt.is necessary; both are athletic. Jogging, weightlifting, recreational soccer.

Work is heavy, analytical research & writing plus conference calls that typically last for hours & can be any time day or night–so quiet apartments are necessary.

Two individuals, both seeking private (no roommates) accommodations.

Both work long hours.

Comfortable budget is up to $3,000 per month per individual. Both understand that apartment square footage will be from 620 square feet to 740 square feet.

Open as to area as only required to go into office two to three days a week.

Safety is primary concern, but both have lived in major US cities.

Would love to hear stories both good & bad as well recommendations regarding apartments/apartment complexes/apartment management companies.

Thank you in advance.

They should check out Arlington, which includes the areas known as Rosslyn (closest to the city - right across the river), Court House, Clarendon and Ballston. My 24 yo D lived in Ballston for a year and now lives in Clarendon and loves it. She and her roommate have a big apt (1244 sq ft) in a building with a gym and rooftop, and pay $3200/mos total. 1 block from metro, about 20 minute ride into the city. Very social area. Ballston would be a little less expensive and add about 10 minutes to the commute, not quite as “happening” as Clarendon. Rents are cheaper the further the building is from the metro station and the further out you go from the city.

Lots of trails in the area for hiking and biking. She feels very safe walking from metro to apt at night.

Lot of young people in their building. The complex is a managed building (owned by Equity Apartments) which has worked out WAY better for her than her previous building in Ballston, which were individually owned condos. They had some issues with the owners not wanting to take care of things and the onsite building admin was kind of rude. Now they have a 24-hour concierge, and maintenance has been very helpful. Everyone they needed to interact with so far is very friendly (they moved in July 1.)


My son just moved out of 14W Apartments in the U Street Corridor. Nice building with a concierge. Before that, he lived in a nice older building in Adams Morgan (can’t remember the name). Lots of restaurants, shops in both areas. Good luck to them with finding apartments.
Son lived in Arlington before moving into DC .


We have located an apartment group (several locations with same owner & management company) with units that appear as available on the internet & then disappear (rented) within minutes to less than an hour. While frustrating, this is probably the best “recommendation” that one can find.

Thank you for your recommendation of 14W Apartments. I will google it now.

Thank you for your response. The geographic locations / areas are quite helpful.

As time is of the essence, would appreciate specific names of complex or management company if recommended or if “should be avoided”.

I recommend looking at Dupont and U Street Corridor. These neighborhoods are very walkable to restaurants, laundry, grocery stores and close to the Metro. My D lived in Dupont after college and loved it; full of young professionals especially attorneys. Lots of condo rentals as well.


Someplace in U Street Corridor (less than a mile from Logan Circle) or in Logan Circle itself would be particularly convenient for the guy working in Logan Circle.

Due to ability to work from home several days a week, location is secondary to safety & quality of apartment management company.

At this time, I should share that specific recommendations of apartments & management companies are requested as well as which specific apartments & management companies should be avoided.

Neither is familiar with the Wash DC area. Moves are imminent. Both are long distance moves so no opportunity to visit & “house-hunt”.

Dupont Circle is an older neighborhood so there are less new apartment buildings but you can find lots on U St. Corridor. I would look at the Louis Apts (metro is half a block away and Whole Foods is downstairs) The Harper, Elysium 14. Heard negative things about the View on 14th.
As far as convenience it’s hard to beat Dupont Circle.
I would avoid going west of 13th St. in the U St. Corridor when the neighborhood appears to be less safe.


Checked out the Louis Apts. Very nice. Reasonable rents. Great reviews, but no availability.

Thank you !!!

P.S. Regarding your cautionary statement, thank you. We found your words of caution to be true as one of them was going to lease a unit in a complex with great reviews, reasonable rates, and good square footage until I did further research and discovered that the apt. building nickname is “murder motel” --which applies both to inside corridors & to sidewalk outside. Police are slow to respond after dark in that area.

Sorry I meant to say EAST of 13th St. To the westside it is safer. U St. Corridor has greatly gentrified in the last 10 years but sometimes certain streets are still considered less safe.

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Thank you. I understood.

The online reviews can be inaccurate. I use multiple sources including crime reports for specific neighborhoods.

Have been doing all research online due to distance & due to Covid related interruptions / restrictions.

14W Apartments are at the corner of 14th. My son and his wife felt comfortable in that area. But, of course, you have to be careful anywhere. Son also lived in Adams Morgan, Columbia Heights and Chinatown for awhile. I think he liked U Street Corridor and Adams Morgan the best. He also has friends living in Capitol Hill and Van Ness neighborhoods also. Other places too but those are the ones I can think of now. Dupont Circle is very nice, vibrant, LGBTQ friendly. There are many great, interesting neighborhoods in DC.

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I have read that Columbia Heights is among the 10 most dangerous DC neighborhoods.

U Street Corridor is also on that list. As @cbreeze noted, it depends on where you are there. Most of the major apartment buildings are around 14th. I was not suggesting Columbia Heights, just mentioning that is one of the neighborhoods my son lived in. He never had a problem but it was not his favorite place to live in DC. Sorry if there was any confusion on bringing up Columbia Heights.

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Some suggestions from the MD side, which I am more familiar with. Last time we visited the area, we stayed in Bethesda near the Bethesda metro . Many new high rises there and safe neighborhood .( Of course, double check stats). Google Bethesda Wisconsin Avenue apartments. They are within your price range.
If safety is a concern and you are unable to inspect in person , avoid Silver Spring (hit or miss) and anything in Prince George’s county. The neighborhoods change quickly and you have to be somewhat in the know as to what is relatively safe.


Our S lived in Ballston area just off metro for many years. It was good quiet area with lots of shops. When he started renting there, he paid $2000/month for huge 1 bedroom. He had gated, heated underground parking included. It was a secure building with a concierge during daytime.

The Arlington Public library and courthouse is there as well.

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My son lived in Ballston and Courthouse before moving to DC. These guys may need to identify what vibe they’re looking for in addition to the safety and quiet place to work considerations. The neighborhoods have their own vibe. It is tough when they are doing this without benefit of visiting.

And if the first place they end up in doesn’t work, they can keep moving on!

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The only vibes that matter are safe & quiet areas with reliable apartment management.

Both have access/membership to brand new gym & swimming facilities.

The work is intense & the hours are long.

If a Starbucks, Whole Foods and a few restaurants are within several blocks then that is fine.

Both will be meeting hundreds of highly educated single people at work so friends & social life is not a concern.

Want to avoid high crime areas & unresponsive apartment management.

I have identified one apartment building complex, but nothing available & the units are snapped up within minutes of posted availability. In a low crime area. Can go jogging at midnight with no worries.

P.S. Believe it or not, I cannot recall either the area or the name of the apartments or the management company. I have a notebook with my search results from about 2 months ago.

If I recall correctly, I researched about 60 neighborhoods in Washington DC.

I researched Alexandria, Virginia but gave up quickly. Also, looked at new homes in Annapolis, Maryland, but both prefer to experience DC.

It might help then if you identify some of these low to almost no crime areas you are targeting. Maybe someone has an idea for you in those areas.

I applaud you for your efforts. I never got that involved with finding apartments for either of my sons.