Washington & Lee Athletic recruiting

Anyone here know what the athletic recruiting process is at Washington and Lee? Do they have a pre-read process? And if so, what is the information they would ask for?

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Care to weigh in @cinnamon1212 ?


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My D24 is in the pre-read process right now at W&L. For her sport, they won’t talk about making offers until the pre-read is completed.

My daughter was offered a pre read from their coach in late spring if her junior year. She decided it wasn’t a good fit so we didn’t proceed but they definitely do pre reads

Here I am! They definitely do pre reads, and ask for the same things many d3 schools do: unofficial transcript, scores, and I cannot remember if they wanted a resume. My son went through recruiting during covid, so things were different, but the process moved very fast for him.

What information did she provide the coach? My D24 had randomly passed on her ACT score to the coach a few months ago and then the coach just now asked her for her transcript but nothing else. And she didn’t specifically tell my D24 that she was getting a pre-read and my DD didn’t ask. I know at some other conferences like the NESCAC they ask for a list of classes you will be taking your senior year as well so just trying to get some intel.

Thanks, and appreciate any insights!

It sounds like the coach might be considering your D24 and is trying to get a feel about her chances of passing a pre-read before possibly offering one. We’ve had that happen at other schools with our D24.

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Thanks Cinnamon1212. How fast did it go? Once he submitted his unofficial transcript and test scores? Like 2 or 3 weeks fast? Or longer?

Unfortunately you can’t extrapolate from my son’s experience. Again, it was in 2020, when Covid shut everything down. So when the W&L coach saw my son play – in August, when the musical chairs that recruiting becomes were in full swing – he asked for preread materials within 2 days. Two days after that, we got word that my son had passed. Two days after that we visited Lexington and met with the Head Coach. And a few days later the coach made the offer. From the time the assistant coach saw my son play for the first time to getting an offer took 10 days. It was unusual times, and standard timelines weren’t necessarily being followed.

You can ask the coach what the timeline is expected to be. Hang in there, this is the most stressful time during the whole recruiting process!

The coach requested her transcript, ACT score, school profile, senior year classes and resume.

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Thanks. It certainly is a roller coaster ride! Hope your DS enjoys his years as a General. It’s a beautiful campus.

Curious if anyone has heard back yet this summer on a pre-read at W&L? If so, approximately when did you submit? Thanks

My son has submitted a pre-read to W&L and has not heard back yet. It is my understanding that the Supreme Court decision has slowed down the process by a month. The pre-read date was July 1st but it is August 1st at a lot of school. The Admissions offices were anticipating the ruling going out eliminating race based admissions to see how broad that decision would be. For Fall 2024 recruits have to wait a little longer so hang in there!

I am not aware that W&L has slowed down their recruiting or changed dates, like the NESCAC schools. Your student should ask the coach what the timing is, assuming it’s been a couple of weeks…when did your student submit materials? What did the coach say at that point about timing?

Any insights @cinnamon1212 ?

My D24 just heard back from the W&L coach and was told she submitted her pre-read information right before admissions halted the process back in June. Apparently she will hear in 2-3 more weeks.

Thanks for sharing that good intel!

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Quick update. D24 received her pre-read results today from W&L.


As a follow-up, does anyone have experience with admissions success at W&L after receiving a positive pre-read? Would be applying ED.

Both sports my D24 is considering have brand new coaches this past year. Thanks!

That would depend on how much support they are getting from the coach and is best answered via a discussion with the coach.

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