Washington & Lee Fall 2022 Admissions - Class of 2026

Applying to Washington & Lee in 2022? Decisions are expected by April 1st, and last year they were released right on April 1st.

This is a space for the class of 2026 to connect with other applicants to share stats, admissions updates and results. Good luck everyone!

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Did anyone here apply for Johnson? It seems like in previous years, interview invites/finalist notifications went out end of January. Last year, it was mid February.

I am guessing the mid-february was because of an influx of applicants, and they were probably already sure it was going to be online meaning they wouldn’t have to give people more time to make sure they would be able to travel.

When I visited this year, the AO giving a presentation at the admissions session said that they were planning on it being in person this year. I feel like they would want to revert back to the end of January notifications to give people more notice on that especially concerning travel, but perhaps they are planning on moving it to be online because of omicron. And, it might not be possible because of increased applications.


My daughter applied.

I wanted an update also, so I called admissions. She said first or second week of February - likely mid-February.

Finalist weekend still planned for in person March 5.


Good to know, thank you! Is finalist weekend just the weekend typically? (I guess I might not have to worry about this as I might not be a finalist!)

I applied for the Johnson scholars program this year and am also waiting. When will we typically know about the scholarship?

Mid February = finalist notifications (aka interview invites)
Early March = interviewing
end of March (?) = notifications


Thank you so much! Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: hoping for the best.

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