WashU ED1 Class of 2025 decision?

Any insight when we might see decisions? Traditionally they have come out earlier than the 12/15 deadline. Last year it was 12/12.

It looks like they usually announce the Thursday before finals week so I’m guessing 12/10.

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If anyone hears soon would love to hear, my S is waiting to hear eagerly. Does anyone know if it shows up on the Pathway portal or via email first?

I’m guessing it will probably be the portal but I’m not certain.

I assume it will show up on the pathway, but I am also sure they will send an email out when decisions are released.

:crossed_fingers:For my daughter. Dream school!!!

My son’s dream school too, but now thinking we should have done TO as he didn’t have time to retake the test (canceled like 5 times) and his GC said his score was good enough to show and showing something is better than nothing
Also I hear at most colleges ED applications are way up??

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I haven’t heard any numbers from WashU so don’t know if they are higher than usual. Best of luck to your son! My son’s dream school, too!

I’ve also heard that ED applications are way up. What state are you guys from? We’re from MA. I know they take very few from New England. My daughter did well on the SAT. Luckily she took it early Junior year. She only has 2 APs though. Our high school offers only a few. Good luck!!

We are from Calif. I don’t take too many from here either? Where would you find that info?

I did a google search for WashU demographics. It’s on the WashU website under the class of 2024 profile.

Info is on their website. WashU is highly selective school so it really has nothing to do with a specific state. It has to do with who applies and the stats and overall application. Nothing to do as to where they come from. Its an excellent school!

I remember they spoke about CA at the info session last year. They said they get fewer applications from CA because of the weather.:joy:

I guess so as well. Good luck to all of us!

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So nervous! Just curious…when people say 2 APs, is that the number of AP classes taken, or the number of AP tests reported?

I guess is the test…

the admissions twitter says decisions will be week of 12/14 but not later than 12/15

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if you go to @/washuadmissions on twitter and then their replies, someone asked


My daughter took only 2 AP classes. Our school is trying to get away from all APs.

Decisions will be released the week of 12/14, no later than 12/15