Washu Fall 2021 Transfer Thread

Last year it may have been delayed because covid had just started… so maybe sooner? Washu’s class size for freshman may be smaller this year due to covid so maybe it boosts our chances along with time to hear back? I also applied to Tulane and they gave me their acceptance two weeks early. Schools need students this year. I also heard that BU extended its deadline because they weren’t receiving a lot of transfer apps.

that’s what I was thinking. so many people deferred or just didn’t go to school. so while the freshman applicants this year have been extremely competitive, Im thinking that ours will be easier?!?! I dunno.

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i also read that a lot of freshman were transferring out of washu because they didnt like it because of covid… so maybe that helps us. is washu ur top choice?

that would be really nice. hopefully covid is gone next semester…

washu is probably my top choice. last year I was waitlisted as a first year applicant so hopefully the interest helps. but I’m also really high on Emory and UNC

what about you?

Nice! all good options. I think washu is my top choice and tulane is my second. I also applied to BU, northeastern and umich. i think covid will hopefully be finished by then because all of the vaccinations. like i said i heard from tulane two weeks early so maybe other schools will do the same.

Fingers crossed! I’m also applying to BU… hopefully those are out soon too

I think they will be out soon. I read on the BU thread that they barely received apps so I’m guessing they would want to let us know sooner.

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The WUSTL admission site says decisions to be released on the 30th of April

It says by April 30th… do we think that it could come out before that? Also they give us till the 17th to decide instead of the 15th.

this thread is fairly inactive compared to UVA and BU threads, do y’all think this means less applicants or sum?

Hope so lol

maybe… I’m thinking its more because the decision date isn’t expected to be anytime soon.


I hope that it means there are less people. It seems as though people are trying to go to big state schools rn because of the pandemic. Umich had so many applicants this year.

hope so. it does make a lot of sense. WashU is pretty damn expensive so I’m sure that will also help due to the economic effects of Covid

and the views on this thread are significantly lower than some other schools.

so we’re thinking it’ll be out late April?

First decisions were released may 1 last year so maybe april 30 this year

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ahh mann thats so far away haha

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WashU’s Instagram says that transfer decision will be released by April 30, so on or before April 30. I really hope it can come out earlier.


Which Instagram account says that? Also which post?

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