WashU Fall 2021 Transfer Thread

Let’s go yall. Didn’t see a thread yet so decided to create my own. List ur stats if that’s cool w u!


I’m a freshman applying with 57.0 credits altogether accumulated from AP tests and a summer college course that I took.

College GPA: 4.0
High School GPA: 3.76
SAT: 1500

hey! Applying with 54 credits… Good luck y’all!

College: 3.94
HS: 3.95
SAT: 1550

Hey! do you guys know where college transcripts should be sent to? I can’t seem to find it :frowning:

You can upload it to the common app through parchment or national student clearinghouse if your school uses either of those or you can have your college email it to admissions@wustl.edu. It must come from your college and not you.

“Washington University in St. Louis Danforth Campus” is all I get when I try sending it through parchment … I’m so confused :sob:

There is a video in this section that shows how to order a transcript from your school. It’s number 5.

hey! I used parchment and sent it to the Danforth campus… do you think that’ll work?

I think so! Check your portal to see if the materials were received :slight_smile:

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Thanks! They just got it :relaxed:

When do you guys think they will start looking at applications?

I hope soon! Since they say they’ll release decisions by may 1 they must look at them before many other schools do

Do credits matter? Freshman applying with only 36 credits completed (accumulated with AP), and 19 in progress…

What do you mean by matter? You have less than the max they will accept but more than the minimum, which is all you can do!

on the common app, my application continues to say “received” on the status page, but I noticed it says “completed” for my other schools. Anyone else have the same experience? My checklist in the pathway is complete so I’m not too worried, but I’m curious if everyone’s says received

If a college on Common App requires your official college transcript sent to Common App, it will show Complete after a few hours you submitted your application. If a college does not require you to do that, it will be Received, like WashU.

Don’t worry. As long as the check list on the admission portal is finished, you would be fine. Like this
Your Transfer application for admission is complete! Please check back for important updates.


thank you!! sorry to be so nervous, it’s hard to keep my mind off decisions, as I’m sure you know

when do y’all think we will hear?

It seems like on the transfer thread last year they heard back on may 1st… but that might be different this year. when does everyone else think we will hear?

ooof. I was really hoping we’d hear earlier lol