WashU in St. Louis Class of 2025 — Regular Decision

From my time there at least, I can say it was definitely an Olin thing. I was in Arts and Sciences (focusing on economics and political science), but there was enough cross listing in my course selections that a second major at Olin was easy to pick up. There was a world of difference in the breadth and depth of discussion in economics and political science courses (and anything ArtSci) compared to what you’ll find in the first couple of accounting and finance courses. Olin had a much more narrow, pre-professional approach. As do nearly all undergrad business schools. The foundational parts of b-school were much more mechanical with a few case studies tossed in for variety. I also attended a WashU summer session in London through the b-school. The courses were more interesting (European regulatory environment, monetary union, EU ascension roughly 20 years pre-Brexit), but most pre-professional b-school types are wired differently, so class discussion wasn’t up to the standard you’d find if you gave a similar class in political science, for example. I spent a lot of my time doing my homework in a pub around the corner meeting locals from all walks of life. I started dating a neighborhood girl who went to Cambridge I still keep in touch with who introduced me to all sorts of people, so that summer turned out fine.

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Congrats to all who have been accepted.
My son just committed to Olin 2025 today.
Does anyone know if there are any sites other admitted students are connecting with each other to meet and/or find roommates.

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A lot of kids are connecting here: https://www.instagram.com/washu_25/?hl=en

Be sure to join the parents pages. There is a general one and one specific for Class of 2025.

Thank you so much for weighing in! I am glad to hear your perspective.

Has anyone taken the 2 hour in person tour yet?