WashU in St. Louis Class of 2025 — Regular Decision

I did not see a thread for this yet. Starting this one to get it rolling.

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Good luck to all applying :slight_smile:

Has anyone already had an interview? My alumni interview is in two days and I’m nervous! Any tips?!

My son just got contacted for an interview. It will likely be next week. Good luck on yours and hope it goes well.

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How soon after submitting do you receive the WashU Pathway information in order to apply for the Signature Scholar Programs?

My son received his account info the second day. The deadline for scholarship applications is Jan. 4th

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I am applying with test scores, and put them in the testing section on the Common App.

On my WashU Pathway, it says: “You have elected to submit standardized tests scores in your application for admission. You may report new ACT or SAT scores using this form”

Do I have to report the scores already listed in the Common App? I assume they can use those since they appeared in the PDF of my application, right?

Same here. I guess they already have the scores from common app. The link is for new scores.

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I’m so eager for decisions !!

Does anyone know anything about financial aid? I got an email saying I have to submit fafsa, CSS, etc by February. Since they meet 100% need, shouldn’t it not matter when you submit? I don’t want to spend money on CSS and not even get in lol

yes they meet 100% but they cant determine how much you need if you don’t submit the forms.

How can they determine how much you need without the forms?

They do not have infinite money, so by Feb they can calculate how many to admit with how much they will financially assist. After Feb, sorry they may not have funding for you. If I were them, to keep “meet 100% need” promise, I would not admit you. In another words, I would not gamble and I have paid around $300 for CSS profile so far.

Wow $300 is a lot! I would invested it instead but that’s just me. :slight_smile:

It is a gambling, who knows.

I got one of those “false hope” emails from McKelvy about their scholarships. I sorta wish they didn’t send the informational mailer but :man_shrugging:


Yeah, I feel like they just shouldn’t send those out because it’s almost better to not know what you’re missing out on imo

For the optional video, I just recorded myself talking and touched on most of the suggested points. I did it in a similar style to the example videos posted by some AOs.

Looking through YouTube, it seems that a lot of students made these incredibly aesthetic videos full of graphics, images, and carefully designed sets.

I’m now worried that my video is not at all up to the standard of what most students submitted. I know that it’s optional and won’t hurt me, but I initially thought that my video was pretty good. Now, I’m not so sure.

Did anyone else submit a pretty simple video recording? I’d feel better if this is the case.

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I know most people I’ve spoken to at my school sent chill/relaxed videos like yours.

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My video was super laid back, I put up a sheet behind me so there was a blank background, but other than that my video was simple with me talking to the camera.

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