WashU or JHU?

<p>I am debating about whether to attend JHU or WashU based on academic and like enjoyment of life... I am currently planning on pursuing an engineering major but may switch depending on how that plays out. Which school would be better for me?

<p>Best friend goes to JoHo and he really likes the school and Baltimore. In terms of prestige, I honestly had never heard of WashU until senior year of high school. </p>

<p>I'd probably refer this question over to the JHU and WashU boards and post a question like 'Why go to WashU?' or 'Why JHU?' I think answers would be more informative than from this discussion board.</p>

<p>Both are excellent schools so, if you have the choice, its hard to make a serious mistake. Overall, I believe that Hopkins is slightly stronger academically, in that it has more highly ranked departments than WUStL. However, unless a department that you want to major in is significantly better at one place than the other, this is probably not a major factor to an undergraduate. I also think that Hopkins is better known internationally, but unless you are going to work abroad this too is not a major factor. Both have beautiful campuses, and are in comparable, relatively safe parts of their respective cities. WUStL is somewhat larger, and has a larger endowment but, again, the difference is not highly significant. Hopkins has quite a bit more funded research, which makes up for the difference in endowments. I also think that Hopkins has somewhat more an an intellectual aire about it but that is highly subjective and could just be the midwest thing for WUStL.</p>

<p>In terms of student life, I don't think the schools are very different. You can have a very good time at either, although neither school is known as a party school or for high level sports teams (except for Hopkins lacrosse). Both schools have Greek life if you want it, but you can easily avoid it at either place.</p>

<p>I think the biggest difference is location. At first blush--Baltimore and St.Louis seem similar. They are of similar size. Both have large minority communities and significant urban blight and crime. Both also have some beautiful areas and neighborhoods. Both have reasonably good cultural and sports activities. But on closer inspection, the two places are quite different. St. Louis is predominately a midwestern city, with some southern vibe. Baltimore is predominately a northeastern city, with some southern vibe. Which is better is a matter of preference and what you are used to, but they are different. But one difference is manefest--when you are in St Louis--you are in St Louis. Nothing else is close by. Chicago is a real trek, and Kansas City--(I'll say no more). Baltimore, on the other hand, is in the northeastern corridor and DC is less than an hour away (and accessible by commuter train); you can be in Philly in under 2 hours, and New York in a little over 3. j That, IMHO, makes a huge difference.</p>