WashU Preview Fall 2020

Hi. Wondering if anyone has insight of the value of being selected for WashU Preview this year. Not sure if they are taking more students since it is virtual and therefore it means less. Was not accepted to Amherst A2A program which I read definitely means something.

Any insight?

I think they will still be somewhat selective with the Preview since they will want to get know a little about you during the preview.

If you do participate I suggest you engage as much as you can. WashU values genuine interest and engagement when they decide who to admit and the Preview gives you an opportunity to demonstrate that.

It can help you learn something about the WashU and that can help you in your decision about where to apply. Finally, if you apply to WashU you can use what you learn in the Preview in your application.

Thank you for your reply and your advice. I wanted to get a little boost of confidence by this acceptance even if it’s a small. At point in the process, it’s a bit depressing. Great idea about the application. I am sure I will get something from that which has not been covered in the general presentations.

I think that universities sometimes conflate a focus on URM with a focus on FirstGen-LowIncome. Both are important, but they are different and our society has growing imbalances in both areas and universities can help address that. However, without a focus on URM then those groups typically continue to be left out. Racism is independent from classism. WashU is a university that had a reputation for not having many Latinos or African Americans and also for not having many first-gen or low-income - however, they have been addressing both. You would find a very supportive environment at WashU. That does not mean that it is perfect - all universities have their challenges. However, it makes a big difference that they are actively improving. In addition to the Preview another way to show your interest is to apply Early Decision. Students that get in are very competitive - but the environment is not cut throat - it is supportive. Do your best on the application process and then apply yourself wherever you decide to go and you will do well.