WashU/ Rice/ Emory - What is the best ED for me?

<p>Hello guys, thanks so much for looking at this thread. As you could see by the title, I am starting to write out some college applications and am looking forward to the process. I know that for Early Action I will most likely apply for University of Michigan and Northwestern (for now). I am also applying to a state schools like UMD - CP/BC, UTexas - Austin, and UWisconsin. Do you guys think you can help me in deciding which school I should apply ED to? I know that it is basically my choice, but wondered if any of these schools' chances have a policy of accepting a lot of ED applicants (I heard this from WashU) or whether I am way off in my chances. Feel free to ask questions if needed!</p>

<p>I am most likely going to do Biochemistry (Pre-Med Track)</p>

<p>GPA: 3.64 (UW), 4.14 (W) ~ Moved to Maryland from another school which "ruined" GPA, I have had a large upward trend however going from mostly B's to a 4.71 this year.</p>

<p>Junior Schedule: AP Bio (DP), AP USH, AP Lang, Honors Chemistry, Honors Algebra 2 (Stupid old school), Spanish 4 - All As both semesters except for stupid Lang teacher giving me B's</p>

<p>APs: Government, Biology, Language, U.S History (All 5s) - Planning to take Chem (DP) and Lit next year (can't take any more because of graduation requirements )</p>

<p>SAT I: 2270 - 800 W, 740 M, 730 CR
SAT 2: 730 Bio M 740 USH, Probably going to take another Math one this october</p>

<p>Significant Extra-Curriculars:</p>

<li>Varsity Tennis for 3 years: Varsity Captain junior year, 1 doubles, regional semifinalist, team won state championship (while I was captain), undefeated record junior year</li>
<li>Leadership Roles in Ambassadors Program at school (helped plan events for incoming freshmen and back to school night, etc.) and another Club (DNAcademy)</li>
<li>In NHS this year, also do Model U.N and went to JHUMUNC 2010</li>
<li>Work experience as tennis instructor for young children</li>

<p>Internship: This past summer I did an internship in India for 6 weeks. It was at Fortis Hospitals, the largest healthcare chain in Asia, and I did a lot of interesting things there. I went around with clinicians and saw a variety of specialties including Pulmonology, cardiology, Neurology - And saw treatments and procedures first hand (such as Angiography and Bracheoscopy)</p>

<p>College (Common App Essay): Very good I think. One of the better ones I have written; heartfelt commentary on my struggle with being Indian-American and ties into speaking with patients at the Hospital as well. Generally very good feedback</p>

<p>If I get some positive (or negative feedback), I am willing to visit or interview even though it is quite far away.</p>

<p>Thanks SO MUCH for reading this, and if anyone has an idea of my chances or whether or not it is a good idea to ED this school, please let me know.</p>

<p>P.S - My friend who is currently attending Rice gave my name and email to Rice as a person who she thinks would be a "good fit for Rice", so that helps.</p>