WashU vs. No MCAT 7 Year BSDO State School Program. What should I do?

       WashU undergrad decisions just rolled out, and I’ve come to a bit of an impasse. Basically, this is the situation: I’ve also been accepted to a 7 year guaranteed acceptance program no mcat with a state university, MSSU (the partnered med school is KCU Joplin), alongside full tuition (still have to pay for housing and miscellaneous which comes down to around 6k per year). With Washu I have to pay 30k first year and 15k for the rest of the years of under grad (I live 20 min away). My parents really don’t know whether that extra money is worth it as well. I just wanted to ask what your guys’ advice is. 
       Do you think it’s better to go to a more prestigious university and one with better education but still have to deal with the med school admissions process as well as doing all the extra stuff like ECs to make my app stand out in the med process, or go to MSSU’s accelerated program, which although the course load is larger, will prolly be easier than WashU and become a doctor faster as well as not have to worry about applying and interviewing at a bunch of med schools as well and taking the mcat? 
       Personally, I’m not a very ambitious person with like noble prize achieving aims. However, I do love to learn. I just want to become a psychiatrist, work 9-5, maybe open my own private practice, maybe do some research, and just live a quiet life helping people deal with their problems. I feel like washu would be better suited to an ambitious person. I applied mostly because I just liked the campus, it was close, and unsurprisingly: parental expectations. I mean, I am interested in WashU’s studies into neurological disorders (came across them a lot during my time shadowing) so there’s that. WashU’s studies into neuroscience are INTERESTING. Honestly though, I just don’t know what to do, or what would be better for me. Please give me your thoughts.

You can definitely match into a psychiatry residency program from a DO program. The match has become progressively more difficult over the past 5 years. Also take into account student debt. If you are 100% sure of medicine, then the guaranteed BSDO seems like the best choice to me.

If you are unsure, or want to go into academic medicine, then taking your chances by applying to MD and DO programs after your bachelors might be another path. Keep in mind that your GPA and MCAT score will make the biggest impact. Going to WashU and getting a 3.5 will not cut it. You are better off going to StateU and getting a 3.9.

You better post your question in the below thread for a response. There are more wide range of audiences/seniors there. Good luck.

I’m not a big fan of BSDO/BSMD programs. It’s way too premature to make a commitment like that at your age. The vast majority of premed freshmen end up not going to medical school because they find passions in other things as they explore college. If you go the BSDO route, chances are, you’re going to be miserable, because it offers no room for exploration.

My advice, if it’s affordable for you, go with the more flexible option. If you still decide medicine, you’ll be doing it knowing that you explored other options.


Note that the MSSU → KCU BS → DO program requires maintaining a 3.5 college GPA: Services Archive - Yours to Lose . It also looks like the undergraduate major has to be biology.