Wasting My Time in College?

<p>Hey everyone, </p>

<p>I am a 20 year old sophomore studying Biological System Engineering. Just this year I actually kept thinking if this is what I want to do with my life. I sit in all my advance math and science classes just feeling like I am wasting my time. </p>

<p>In high school, I graduated at the top 3 people in my class and had a 4.0 GPA. I played football, basketball, and tennis and was good at it. I enjoyed life until I came to college. I was forced to take advanced classes due to my major and of course being the first year I did not do the best averaging C's. I didn't enjoy my first year of college at all. I was social, and made friends, went to parties, did everything that college kids do but it just didn't seem as fun as "I thought college would be"</p>

<p>I kept telling myself that college would get better and starting my sophomore year, it has only gotten worse. Classes are harder and I am unable to have much of a social life if you don't count close friends. I never go to parties anymore, and spend most of my week studying. I feel like I need to do well in my classes because my mom (a single mother) is paying for my classes and she is doing everything she can to support me.</p>

<p>The problem is i feel like i am totally wasting my time in college. It isn't fun, I don't enjoy it anymore, and I keep thinking that I do not want to do this for another two years only to get stuck in a dump of a job. Why am I paying so god damn much for college for a poor experience, only to get out of college to a crap economy hoping that I get a job. I have a feeling it will be harder for me to get a job compared to everyone else in my major because they are all honor students getting 4.3 GPA in college compared to my 2.0 to 2.5. What is the point of it. I just don't know what to do</p>

<p>trust me. there is always someone with it worse. My high school career was far from what you have done. how i stay motivated in an environment where everyone is at the top in sports (physically), academically, and in their jobs / internships, I have no idea.</p>

<p>Not to mention the networks they have, the friends, relationships (many even planning marriage perhaps). I feel like i have missed out on so much, yet at times I am simply happy to be where I am at UNC, but other times I feel like I would be better somewhere else.</p>

<p>It can be motivating to be around others who are high achievers, but at other times you can feel inferior.</p>

<p>I went through much depression where I did not do much with my life. as I walk around campus, and see how many beautiful and amazing talented people there are in this world, it amazes me! i just question why i have been given my life, why i don’t have female relationships, why females do not respect males’ unfortunate biological desire for companionship… and well yeah. :)</p>

<p>Over time, we change, don’t feel obligated to maintain who you were in high school - today! Do what feels right at the time; that is really all we can do. life is short; we are simply trying to derive happiness from it.</p>

<p>spend some time traveling, thinking about the “big picture,” and what you want, and what makes you happy, without the opinion of others. then after you have taken that time to look from a different perspective at your life, decide fresh where you want to be, who you would like to be around, and what you would like to do. i suppose high school was a better time for this than now.</p>

<p>however, we all live our on lives. follow your own path, try to make an impact; who would you like to be remembered as if you were in a history book (how cheesy right!)… anyways… i suppose this served as my therapy for the day rather than yours. i tried, nonetheless. best of luck to you.</p>

<p>Kudos to you for trying to do better since your mom is working hard for you to have a good education.</p>

<p>College isn’t always a time to “have fun and party”. It’s more of time to grow up and make the most of the college education so you’ll have a better future. If you absolutely hate your major, find what you do love and pick a couple of classes of that. Talk to your counsler and see what they say. Please do not feel inferior to the “brighter students” . My daughter which is a very smart and brilliant kid deals with this herself. All of her friends are honor students and are the top of the class. She feels “stupid” sometimes and she is an A student. Don’t compare yourself to them, you just do the best you can do. Maybe getting organized w/ serious study groups or having set studying times daily can make your time more organized so you can “party” for 4 hours every Sat. night ? </p>

<p>Don’t give up on your education, but don’t spend all your money on what you HATE doing. Talk to professor during office time, they may have great advice if you ask.</p>

<p>Sounds like an engineer</p>

<p>but as far as getting a job goes</p>

<p>remember, you’re an engineer</p>