*Wat should I do to get into Harvard?*

I'm a freshman in High School next year and I realy want to go to Harvard! My college conselar said to start early........so I have made a list of the classes taht I am planning to take over the next four years! Please tell me if this are fine and what else I need to improve my chances at getting into Harvard!</p>

<p>Summer= track, community service projects in Mexico and the U.S.</p>

<p>9th grade:
English 1
French 2
Accelerated Physical Science (honors)
Modern World History</p>

Track (JV)
Soccer (JV)</p>

<p>French Club
Liberal Club
Teen Korps
Various Community Service projects
Going to be involved in the French exchange program
Going to try to get the Silver Award for Community Service
French Honor Society
French National Exam- Diploma for scoring well on it</p>

<p>Summer School:
Old Testament
Computers- Word Proceesing</p>

English 2
French 3 Literature (honors)
AP European History
AP Biology
Integrated 1= Math
Photo 1
U.S. Social History</p>

Track (JV)
Soccer (JV)
Elected member for the board of disciplinary Comitee= going to be a judge in it
Silver COmmunity Service Award
Liberal Club
Chinese Club
Spanish Club
Teen Korps
French Club= the president
French National Exam- diploma
French Honor Society
Communtiy service projects- visit orphanages in Mexico and build houses, start project to help HIV/AIDS people</p>

<p>Summer School= New Testament, Track,
and Community Service projects in Mexico</p>

English 3
AP French Literature
AP US History
*Another history elective- probably the Holocaust History
Integrated 3= Math

Soccer (JV)
Track (Varsity)
French Club= president
French Honor Society
French National Exam
Liberal Club
Community Service Projects
Spanish Club
Teen Korps
Model UN</p>

<p>Summer School= Comperative Religions
Community Service in Mexico
and some work at a history museum</p>

American Political Science
AP French Conversation
English 4
Marine Biology
Ceramics 2
*Another History elective....still don't know which one</p>

French Club= president
French National Exam
French Honor Society
Spanish Club
Liberal Club
Teen Korps
Community Service projects= continue building houses in Mexico</p>

<p>Im going to try to do really well in the AP exams and in the SATs and going to try to have a GPA above 4.0</p>

<p>Please rate my chances! Thanks!</p>

<p>If everything goes to plan, then I think you have a good chance. </p>

<p>But why Harvard?</p>

<p>Now that's what I call jumping the gun...</p>

<p>Do not think of high school as a means to an end, but rather as an experience all to itself. College is the ultimate goal, but you're going to miss out if that's all you see for the next 4 years...</p>

<p>Also, go to the link below to see the stats of some of the people they reject</p>

<p><a href="http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/showthread.php?t=16882%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/showthread.php?t=16882&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>