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I am a rising senior water polo player. I am a starter for one of the best clubs in the country and led my team to the junior olympic championship last summer which is where I was first exposed to the Harvard coach. I have been in contact with them since last September. My club coaches have said amazing things about me to the Harvard coach, helping me climb to the top of their list. I received a 28 on the ACT in June and I’m taking it again in September. They told me to get a 30 and that we could still push with a 29. They want to see 650’s on two subject tests and i got two 600’s on the May tests. I am a very good student and they took my stuff to admissions and the officers were “very intrigued with my life story”. I played in a huge tournament this weekend and didn’t play to my full potential and the coach was there. Will this affect my spot as the top recruit? How likely do you think it will be to raise my ACT 1-2 points and two SAT II tests by 50 points? Do you think it will be too late if I retake the subject tests in October if I apply early action in November? I haven’t told him my subject test scores because I am afraid he will change his answer from “maybe” to “no”. I am actually very smart just awful at standardized test taking. Advice please!!

My daughter is a water polo player that went through the recruiting process with a number of colleges last year, including Harvard. The Harvard coach was the most open about the academic requirements; 3.7 GPA, 30 ACT, 700 on both subject tests. He will ask for all your academic info this summer. For the Ivies, the academics are more important than how you performed at club champs last weekend. You sound like you are in the right range in all areas. And as you mentioned, you have the opportunity to raise your scores in the fall. So I suggest continuing the dialogue with him.

At the same time, you should ask yourself what you are looking for in a college. Harvard and the Ivies are a reach for anyone. There are a lot of great universities with strong water polo programs. I suggest that you aggressively pursue a number of universities and coaches that interest you.

Good luck!

I am anonymous. you go gurl, I can barely get a 650 on my subject tests but I do have a 5.0 GPA, BUTT I also am very bad at water polo, actually I don’t think I’ve ever actually played. anyways I’m shooting for Harvard the old fashioned way, but you already have one foot in the door, just take a trip to chill town and you’ll be fine :wink:


Based on your description, I’d guess that your team placed 2nd at the tournament last weekend that you referenced. If so, congrats! I wouldn’t worry about your performance there if the Harvard coach already saw enough to love about you at last year’s JOs.

Have you checked out this board’s ACT/SAT prep forum? A 1-2 point raise on ACT and 50 pt raise on SAT is not unreasonable with a little work. And I wouldn’t be afraid to ask your questions to the coach as well. Might as well keep everything up front so he knows you’re working hard to achieve the required scores. Good luck and hope all works out with the recruiting process!

Actually no my team got 4th at US club champs. I played for 16s last year and that is the team that won JO’s. Thank you I will check out the other threads about ACT scores!

How did JOs go for you, OP?