Waterloo Admission Decisions Date

Hello there!
So as listed on the Waterloo website, admission decisions for the Faculty of Mathematics are only released during March and May. I applied for Computer Science with Co-op. Does anyone know when I might get a decision or when admission decisions may be released? I submitted my AIF in early January. Thank you!

@lilpinkunicorn Hey! I applied as well to the same program. Still waiting for a decision! :slight_smile:

@karinaaa Apparently some engineering decisions were released today. No CS offers though. Looks like it’s going to be May ;/

CS will be the week of May 6.

CS will be the week of May 6! means?

@indiuser Decisions for Waterloo CS should be released this week.

Thanks buddy. I got admitted. Now need to decide between Berkely/Waterloo/Yale-NUS (waitlisted)

@indiuser When did you receive your decision from Waterloo?

Yesterday. May 15