Waterloo admission for a Canadian/USA dual citizen - high school in USA

I am interested in applying for Univ of Waterloo (CS or Math) for next year. I am attending a high school in USA but a dual Canadian/USA citizen with active passport etc. I understand that my status would be international applicant with a possible Canadian citizen fee structure - but I am not sure. Still confused about following and appreciate any input:

  1. Will I be in the international pool of applicants or domestic? (am assuming that international pool is more competitive but just trying to asses if my Canadian citizenship is of any advantage for admission itself).
  2. GPA > SAT > EC's > Essays (assuming that this is the order of importance for admission chances - please correct/add anything I am missing)
  3. AP's: I took/taking bunch of AP's (and college courses in Math/CS) - will I get any credits for them at UofWaterloo.
  4. Math contests: am active in math contests/tests (AMC; 2xAIME; HMMT; ARML; invitational math contests at US universities) but never took Euclid because its not offered at my school and there is no interest from anyone else. How important it is to take Euclid to improve admission chances?
  5. Euclid: are there any other ways to take Euclid if your school is not registered (for example its possible to take AMC at any school as long as the alternate school has room and agree - is it same for these CEMS tests).

Thanks for any other relevant information.

1-You will be evaluated as an international applicant because your high school record is American. You will pay Canadian tuition.
3-That information should be on the Waterloo website.

The explanation for AP credit at Waterloo is on this page https://uwaterloo.ca/future-students/admissions/ap-transfer-credit Essentially, for a CS or math student, if you have a 5 on the AP calculus BC exam, you can get a credit for one math course.

@TomSrOfBoston and @bouders - thanks for the info.
For admission chances: looking into the their admission site (and also based on reading thru old threads here on CC) - got the impression that GPA is the most important, especially in 12th grade. At the application time, will only have 1st semester grades (that too barely - we get our 1st semester grades end of Jan or Feb 1). How do they assess my application - based on whole high school GPA or only the first semester of 12th grade.
I would have some AP scores (including math/stats) and SAT’s by application time.

my GPA as of now:
3.88UW / 4.9W (converted to %'s its 93-97% average - they give only range for % conversion); I would have completed 14 AP’s with 10 scores available and 4 pending tests later in May.

@hs2020kid Everyone else will only have the first semester 12th grade marks. They may look at 11th grade marks, but the 12th grade marks are the most important. They don’t look further back than 11th grade.