Waterloo University

Usually this would be a very easy thing to ask google but I’m finding a lot of conflicting answers. I was trying to see if I would be a competitive applicant at Waterloo university in Canada. I have a 4.4 weighted gpa which is probably close to a 3.7 unweighted. I have a 30 on my act, and have started the mechanical engineering club at my school. I have also won some computer science awards, have about 400 hours of community service, work part time as a machinist, and I’m currently working on starting my own charity. I think my application is a little heavy on the extracurricular which can make this a very unscientific process. I love Waterloo’s co-op and the other parts of the school and was wondering what my shot was at a top university like this.

@Derek17 Are you a Canadian citizen? What program(s) would you be applying for?

I am a Canadian citizen. I would be applying to the computer science or mechanical engineering programs.

@Derek17 You can apply to both programs. They have different admissions processes. Computer science is more selective, with an acceptance rate around 5-10%. Admissions to both programs will rely heavily on your AIF (additional information form). https://uwaterloo.ca/find-out-more/admissions/admission-information-form https://profbillanderson.wordpress.com/2017/01/02/submitting-your-admission-information-form-2017/?wref=tp

It’s a holistic process, but Waterloo is pretty transparent about what they’re looking for in a student. Essentially, they are looking for someone who is employable e.g. does well in interviews and in jobs and has an entrepreneurial/go-getter mindset. Your work as a machinist and your computer science awards will be especially helpful. Your job shows that you have a track record of getting and keeping a job. It also shows that you have a real interest in engineering. Your awards show that you have the smarts to excel. Make sure to put these at the top of the list on your AIF.

Thanks, do you think between Waterloo and McGill i would have a decent shot at either (32 ACT update).

Yes. You certainly have a decent shot with a 32. As I mentioned in your other thread, you can improve your chances at Waterloo if you write the Euclid, which is scheduled only once a year, in April. Waterloo waits for the Euclid results before sending out the vast majority of their decisions. Canadian applications are pretty easy compared to American ones, but pay special attention to any supplemental forms such as the AIF. They will determine whether or not you’re accepted.