So anyone with any updates about the waitlist???

did you turn in your waitlist essay by the 15th? if you did, then youre good. youll find out after may 1st (the deadline for normal admits to choose their university).

jk there is no waitlist essay lol.

@finallyfree you got me so scared there 8-X

@imrakibul96 the first step in total freedom is to lose all hope.


Umm any updates anyone???

I was waitlisted to Case, and throughout April they continued to send me emails asking about my continued interest. I always clicked - “i am interested, case is one of my top choices”. A few days ago they sent a email saying they would like to consider me for admission if i was still interested, and yesterday i emailed them confirming it. Today they updated the online portal with an acceptance letter - one day before deposits are due!

@pinkisking could you tell me ur stats (GPA, SATs nd stuff)? And could u tell me approximately how many students have accepted their offer?

@imrakibul96 sorry, i dont know about the other students, they didnt say how many spots they had/how many students accepted it or anything. For my stats, i had a 4.0 gpa (kinda easy school) and 2020 SAT. Took as much advanced classes as i could, played in the band, tutoring work exp, and church volunteer work.

@imrakibul96 My son was accepted off the waitlist 2 weeks ago with a 25K + work study (can’t remember how much) each year. Case was a top choice initially because Case has strong pre-med options.

Case seemed to have deferred and then waitlisted many high stat kids. Once they were sure they had not accepted elsewhere they seem to have been offered admission. Guess it’s a way to protect yields as many of these kids may have used Case as a safety because of the free application.

However this process allowed kids to get very attractive offers from other universities and it was too late to accept Case at the last minute. Case probably lost high stat kids who would have gone to Case if accepted earlier. My son did not accept his CWRU admission. But I know he may have if he had been accepted earlier. Case has many opportunities for pre-med and is a great school.