Way to view SRAR?

There’s no way for me to view my SRAR. I think it was linked or something cause I created one for the University of Pittsburgh’s application, but now every time I click on “High School Coursework” it automatically moves me to “Degree Type”

Exit the application and come back. I have noticed the previous button does not work and neither does switching tabs for me.

Related to this, once completed, how long does it take for that SRAR box to be “checked” on the application checklist? My son submitted over the weekend and nothing checked. There is a note on the page about them having a high volume of supplemental material and they are working through it as fast as possible. And the Holiday weekend too I guess…

Pretty sure mine was checked immediately, if it does go checked or say application submitted contact admissions by email or phone. I got a reply after two days by email considering it was labor day

Can anyone see if they’re able to view the SRAR after submitting their application?

As an updated, My Penn State now has my son’s SAT as completed and SRAR as received. (Both were unchecked this morning.) So it seems that there was just a little delay over the holiday weekend.

Anyone know if there is any difference between the “received” and “completed” status?

I assume we just wait now!

@PAHoosier I assume that “completed” means that the SRAR was successfully submitted, while the “received” status means the university has your SRAR. Are you able to open the SRAR now that the application is submitted? I would like to submit my application as soon as possible and can’t when I have this issue.

Good Luck on your son’s application!

@NursingMan I see nothing on the Profile page that allows me to see the SRAR. I remember that when my son completed the application, there was some weirdness about updating it BEFORE he submitted the application. But, he figured it out and submitted it.

@nocontest Thank you. We are feeling reasonably confident. 4.05 GPA with 13 Honors/AP and a 1400 SAT. Applied to DUS.

My son applied on 9/13 and submitted the SRAR through the Penn State website on the same day. On his MyPennState page, the SRAR is still unchecked and listed as requested. We are going to give it a full week before we check with admissions.

My son applied on 9/5 and his SRAR is listed as requested then as received over the course of a few days, but hasn’t gone to “completed.”. We’ve been in contact with admissions and they basically said that it’s their first year with the SRAR and they are still learning how the whole process will work. Also, they told my son that at least in his case, everything looked fine and they didn’t seem to need anything more. They tried to update the status a couple times, but it still says “received”.

The SRAR got checked off today, and it is now listed as “Received”.

Currently, the only thing that isn’t checked off for me is test scores, even though I sent them almost two weeks ago.

@NursingMan My experience has been the ACT gets delivered much quicker than the SAT. We sent both to Penn State. The “Official SAT/ACT Test Scores” box at MyPennState was checked fairly quickly so I assume Penn State received the ACT right away, and the SAT may or may not be there yet. It has taken a week and sometimes even longer for the SAT delivery to show as fulfilled for us at the college board website.