Wayland Hall and Substance-Free / Quiet Hall

<p>Incoming freshman, just learned of placement in North Wayland. Had applied for Substance-Free Housing or Quiet Hall. Have not heard about either option. Do the residence halls selected for substance-free housing and/or quiet hall change from year to year? Does anyone know what residence halls are Substance-Free and Quiet this year? What can be said about North Wayland?</p>

<p>The quiet/sub-free residence halls will change from year to year, but you can usually assume that they'll be two floors in Perkins, possibly something in Littlefield, and something on Pembroke. Given Wayland's proximity to Wriston (the frat quad), I'd be very surprised if it were designated quiet or sub-free.</p>

<p>This situation happens, and it's a frustrating one. Give ResLife a call and ask them which dorms (and floors) are designated sub-free or quiet. If your son doesn't have the options he wants, then he should decide whether he wants to try to move.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>Thanks for the info about which dorms are sub free / quiet. We'll see what Res Life has to say.</p>