Wayne State university med direct program

I am thinking of applying to the wayne med direct program but am a little worried because it’s binding. Although, I am not sure I’ll get in anyways because I am not really socioeconomically disadvantaged. Could anyone who got in post statistics and if they were disadvantaged?

Why does the binding nature worry you? If you’re not like 100% triple-sure that you want to be a doctor, then you probably shouldn’t apply to BS-MD/medical direct programs.

The program is focused on health disparities, so that is in part why they give preference to socioeconomically disadvantaged students. It’s not a requirement, though. Nobody is really sure whether or not they can get in - that’s what the admissions process is for :wink: The only way to know for sure is to apply.

The way I would make the choice is this: Is Wayne State 100% the place you would want to go even if they did not have a BS/MD program? Does the idea of having to commit there in, say, January before you hear back from other schools make you feel excited - or queasy?

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@doglover21 Do you remember what the essay prompts for this year’s med-direct application were?