Ways that the Yale Admissions Office is trying to sway you to attend

<p>I got an early birthday email. It was cute. :)</p>

<p>Anyone else?</p>

<p>I got some handwritten notes and emails from my admin officer.</p>

<p>yea same, a couple of notes, a card, an email. also, a free lunch at p.f. changs at the prudential in boston :)</p>

<p>Yeah, I've gotten a couple of hand written notes, one from my admissions officer and one from a student. The NY EA admits were also treated to a lunch at a mexican restaurant, courtesy of Yale, to hang out with each other and some students, which was really cool. There's also a NY admits dinner at the Yale Club next week that we were invited to. And finally, the SRCs are so nice!! They're so responsive and helpful and so accomodating. And finally (really!), the admits site is AMAZING! I love it!! I was going to Yale no matter what, but it made me realize I made the right choice! :D</p>

<p>In addition to some of the aforementioned lunches and dinners, the students who I roomed with on my Yale overnight dorm visit at Calhoun contacted me on facebook and we've been chatting. I was really damn surprised they remembered me - I wonder if the admissions office sent them a little request to do so? Everyone knows that one of the best ways to get a person commit to a place is to make them think they already have friends there. </p>

<p>God I love Yale, will all of my cynical, un-romanticized view of college filled heart. Of course, if Princeton's aid offer winds up being significantly better than Yale's, we will have proof that money>love.</p>

<p>^ Assuming you get in ;)</p>

<p>As a hopeful RDer...I'm dying right now.</p>

<p>Does anyone know when RD is released??</p>

<p>Today sometime in the evening. Most people are guessing it will be about 7 pm EST.</p>

<p>So if one has never recieved a handwritten note, a personalized email, or anyhting like that, they can assume they didn't get in right?</p>

<p>these people were most likely accepted SCEA =P</p>

<p>Yeah, they send these things after we were accepted SCEA.</p>

<p>And, decisions are supposed to be up at 7, according to the countdown on the admits website.</p>

<p>My admissions officer sent me an email this past sunday saying to come to Yale <3</p>

<p>Besides the great admissions officers (and amazing interviewers!) who are so approachable, available, and readily answer all of your concerns within a day or two of emailing them.. plus the Yale student contacts who email to keep up with how you're enjoying your senior year, what you're doing for spring break, and any further questions you might have...</p>


<p>If you spend time on that thing, getting to know all of your AMAZING potential classmates through message boards and chatrooms.... you will never be able to walk away.</p>


<p>^ Yeah the Yale's admits site is totally wonderful. And the message board is so happening! The H board is really very very sad... There's no kidding around. Everyone just got down to business and asked serious questions regarding ECs, pre-med, major stuff :-/ I was so motivated by the Y site that i actually posted a couple of comments. I'm a lazy kid... haha</p>

<p>Beside that: the shirt, the handwritten cards, the long/passionate emails from SO MANY Yalies past and present. It's A-MAZING! The only downside is that after receiving a couple of ivy admit packages this season my Y's seems to pale in comparison. P's literally exploded with papers and notes. C's includes a super nice booklet. They all came with nice emblem-imprinted multi-pocketed folders.</p>

<p>Yeah the Harvard site has hardly any posts at all. I guess most of the admits are too busy scaling large mountains and winning pre-Nobel Prizes? lol</p>

<p>I got a nice handwritten note today: xxx-, your sense of humor and passion for inquiry are perfect fits for Yale. We hope to see you here in the fall!"</p>

<p>^ wow that's nice. The thing abt handwritten notes like these is tt i'll only receive them half a month after they were sent :(</p>

<p>I didn't get anything :'(</p>

<p>I want my Yale t-shirt. I requested it, like, a day after RD results came out. :/</p>