Ways to "wow" admissions office

<p>I am just starting my education after five years of being out of high school. I am 23 now and have been working since age 13. I didn't participate much in HS, and have a poor hs record, D average. What are some extracuricullar activities that I can envolve myself in during CC? I am shooting for a top tier university.</p>

<p>Do you live in Augusta?</p>

<p>No, I live in Chicago</p>

<p>Research, internship, volunteer etc</p>

<p>When it comes to volunteering, where and how can I get involved. How many hours should I volunteer?</p>

<p>Why are there multiple threads? Just stick to one of the two you created and we don't have to bounce around.</p>

<p>lol just realized that, yes, please stick to one thread</p>