"We still have several thousand applications to review"

<p>Sooo my online status has been on "received fall grades" since 2/14. Even if I were to be rejected (which, statistically, I shouldn't), I'd think that my status would be into review by now. After all, the last wave of letters is going out in a week!</p>

<p>I had my guidance counselor call to see if everything was okay with my application. It was, and the reason that USC gave is that "we still have several thousand applications to review." SEVERAL THOUSAND?!?!? I hope this was some misinformed intern, or perhaps someone misconstruing the question. But the woman at USC also said that it is likely that many decisions will not be made until April 1 and that they expect lots of people to call if they want to find out then because the letters will go out THAT DAY.</p>

<p>Oy vey!</p>

<p>why would she say to call on april 1st when the status change explicitly says to do so on the 11th?</p>

Oy Vey indeed!! Thank your guidance counselor from us though....(I think my d is applying to alot of the same schools as you......)</p>

<p>Curious how they expect us NJ people to visit and decide by May 1 if there is a possibility of an acceptance that late; whatever...hopefully we will all have to deal with that issue.....</p>

<p>well if she did screw up and said something stupid, it makes me wnder whether everything else they've saying is true...</p>

<p>Are 3800 acceptances still left?
Is the next wave on the 28th?
blah blah</p>

<p>My status page:
"We received the fall grades we requested, and require no additional information at this time. We will mail decisions to freshman applicants by April 1st."
So I'm thinking they will be sent out March 28th (wherever that date came from) and depending on where you live, you should receive your letter by April 1st.</p>

<p>well i am pretty sure they dont send out rejections until april first so some people well not know if they got in until later
and also do you guys know how the decide which apps to review first?
because it would suck if they get to ours like last and cant accept us because the filled up the quota that they can accept</p>

<p>Maybe people call on April 1st anyway and that's what she meant?</p>

<p>I think it is true that they still have several thousands to review. My dad knows a lot of folks in charge of admissions and he says that this year there were so many applicants in general that everything got pushed back a little bit. </p>

<p>Also, my status has been "received fall grades" forever, but today it changed to "being reviewed". I was one of the last ones to submit the application (right before deadline) so it makes sense..</p>

<p>So basically, if we don't receive anything on upcoming Friday - Tuesday (approx.), we got rejected. Correct?</p>

<p>yea i am pretty sure that is right
seeing as they send out rejection letters last</p>

<p>Not necesarily.
As veggie above said, they may still be making decisions on April 1st, which may include acceptances. So notifications will arrive in the mail a couple of days after that.</p>

<p>I suspect it's possible that, given the increased number of apps this year, rejections may actually also be delayed to the 5th or so into 2nd week of April.</p>

<p>Mine has said application being reviewed since 2/18 , it never said received fall grades. Is this ok??</p>

<p>im pretty sure i got rejected now since i didnt receive anything and the last wave (aka the rejection wave) is coming out next week =[</p>

<p>blahhh90 there is still one more acceptance wave
haha the rejection one doesnt come out until the first week of april</p>