We Won The World Series!!!!!!!!!!!!

<p>That's right!!!!!!!!! The AMAZING Boston Red Sox dominated. The curse is over.</p>

<p>Correction, YOU didn't win anything. The overpaid lineup of the Red Sox did. After this season this team will be broken up.</p>

<p>wow, joev. way to be pessimistic</p>

<p>Boston just had the Patriots win the damn Super Bowl 10 months ago. Cleveland has not had a championship in 40 YEARS!!! 1964!!! That was 13 some years before I was born!!! God just hates Cleveland. Nothing personal against any Boston fan, its just that Cleveland has come so close, so many times in every sport that I feel no empathy for any BoSox fan. </p>

<p>End rant.</p>

<p>He does have a point. Boston should celebrate while it can because it will have 18 players on the free agent docket this offseason, and you know the Yankees will be unleashing some serious bank to get players like Carlos Beltran from Houston (and maybe even some Boston players!).</p>

<p>Regardless, well played, Red Sox, and congratulations (from a Yankees fan, no less)!</p>

<p>You know, Boston's not that interesting anymore without the curse... They finally beat it... Now what are they gonna spraypaint over "Reverse curve" signs instead of "Reverse the curse"?</p>

<p>who cares about the sox, baseball is for p***ies.</p>

<p>just kidding...but seriously, baseball is the most overrated sport. i mean, you can practically sleep during breaks and just go up and bat when they call you...it's so stupid</p>

<p>you're right limon, what an anticlimax!

<p>are you an idiot coqui? stop trying to put down things you dont understand</p>


<p>in case you didn't know, yankees have 180mil+ committed to the inflated guaranteed contracts of washed-up players (read: Jason Giambi). they are projected to spend over 200mil next year and pay almost 200mil additional for league revenue sharing under luxury tax laws. i agree that the red sox spend a lot too, but there's really no comparison. </p>

<p>the team won't be broken up. most likely, lowe will go to the tigers and pedro will get re-resigned. it is, at the moment, very unlikely that significant structural changes will take place.</p>

<p>All I can say is: PFFFFFFFFFFF!</p>

<p>about damn time the sox won. Now all i need is for the packers to win the superbowl and ill be happy.</p>

<p>Cards and yanks next year.</p>

<p>Boston is the place to be!!!</p>

<p>HERE HERE KINGLIN! You know what I'm talkin about! Yay!</p>