weak EC's....how much will it hurt??

<p>I am currently very uneasy about my chances at some of the top colleges that i am applying to. I come from a highly regarded public high school on Long Island. My unweighted gpa is a 3.7976 (4.1146 weighted). Sadly, i don't even think this is in the top 10% of my graduating class of 190 students. It seems that many of my peers have higher gpa's and are applying to similiar schools. In general, i am up against some rough competition. I fear the hard work i have put in these last four years will not amount to many acceptance letters, as i believe at least twenty or so of my peers overshadow me.</p>

<p>I have taken every honors and AP class available to me...resulting in 9 AP classes through senior year. My SAT is 1380 (math-680; verbal-700) and i believe this is slightly lower than some of my most qualified peers. However, i plan to retake in december, and believe a 1450 is not out of the question. SAT IIs are as follows:
bio e-670
world history-650
math IC-650
US History-780
Writing-800 (I hope this will compensate for low SAT I)</p>

<p>AP results:
US History-5
World History-4
English lang. + comp.-4
Physics B-3</p>

<p>senior courseload-
AP statistics
Pre-Calc Honors
AP American Government
AP Biology
AP English Lit.
AP Macroeconomics</p>

<p>I believe I can write fairly well, so my essays seem to be coming out nicely. Hopefully this will help my chances. In regard to recommendations, I believe these are strong points as well.</p>

<p>However, my extracurriculars are greatly lacking. I now regret not getting more involved in my high schools years.
In-school EC's-
national honor society participant (12)
JV bowling (9)
Varsity Bowling (10,11)
Varsity Bowling Co-captain (12)
JV tennis (11) (hopefully varsity this year)
spanish honor society (11)
Peer Tutor (11,12)</p>

<p>Work experience-
US Open ballboy (summer 03)- 30 hrs/week for two weeks
Lawfirm internship (summer 03)- 10 hrs per week
Tennis camp counselor (summer 04)- 16 hrs per week
Assitant Tennis Pro (Fall 04)- 5-6 hrs per week</p>

<p>In addition, in college i am looking to be a history major, with a possible minor in economics.</p>

<p>With this in mind, what do you think my chances are at the following colleges. My thoughts are as follows:</p>


<p>UMass Amherst
Boston University
Penn State University Park</p>


Wesleyan (connecticut)
Boston College</p>


University of Virginia</p>

<p>Does this appear to be about right?? What does everyone think my chances are? Should i not even bother with Brown and Dartmouth? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!</p>


<p>Good Job Dan</p>

<p>i dont cornell is really a reach, maybe a slight reach and btw u dont get credit for spanish honor society in 11th grade only 12th grade you didnt get inducted just apply early to haverford so tom doesnt get in</p>

<p>more help please</p>

<p>your EC's don't look that bad. Stop comparing yourself to ur overacheiving school and this website. you are in good shape!</p>

<p>I think you are very reasonable, your goals are very acheivable don't give up. Your reaches, I think you can nail about 1/2 of them on the list, but I can't say which ones. As for schools, a 3.8 gpa should be top 15% of class and those students should post about 1350-1450 Sats, so I wouldn't say your school is very competative in an essay, because alot of admission personal hate to see students say something like "I went to a top 10 ranked shcool in my state". THey have the data on the top schools and can easily compare for themselves ;) Besides taht, you seem to be in great shape.</p>

<p>Thanks...yeah i'm hoping at least one or two of those reaches work out. I'd love to go to dartmouth or amherst.</p>

<p>bump again</p>

<p>one last try</p>