Weak Freshman Year....


So I am going to be a senior this year and I’m kinda on edge about my college apps. I had a weak year in school freshman year with a 3.77, A- in a good few classes and 2 B’s. I moved to Texas the following year and in a top school managed to get a 4.0 sophomore and junior year. I have a 1540 SAT and 34 ACT and got 5s on all of my AP tests (Physics, Chem, Calc AB and BC, World, US, Lit, Comp Sci). I have a few extracurriculars like NHS, Model UN, Varsity Track (don’t plan on running in college), and other small clubs however nothing outstanding. How will this look to officers? I am aiming for UMich, UT Austin and UC Berkeley.


What is your UC GPA for UCB both capped weighted and fully weighted? UCB does not include Freshman grades in their GPA calculation however, since you are OOS only AP/IB and DE courses count for the extra points in the calculation. HS designated Honors courses do not.


Based on what you have posted for your stats, UCB is within Reach as long as your parents are willing to pay full fees at $65K/year. OOS applicants get little to no financial aid from the UC’s.

I dont think your freshman year will be a factor.

Unless your parents have money to burn, I would avoid going out of state. That being said, UT-Austin is more/less a match. Also, you should be a lock for Texas A&M.