weak SAT score, average GPA, and good EC's

<p>I'm currently a junior.</p>

<p>SAT 1720 ( took it in January with no studying) 580 Reading 610 Math 530 Writing
SAT II Spanish 740 World History 730
ACT took last week probably around 27
AP World History 3, Spanish Lang 4
Cumulative GPA 4.1
Senior course load: AP Lit, AP Gov, AP Econ, AP Physics 1, AP Stat, Accounting, Advanced Fashion Marketing </p>

Key Club President
College Partnership Program Co President
Spanish Honor Society Vice President
Class of 2015 Treasurer
FBLA Event Coordinator
FBLA State Service Council
DECA Vice President of Communications
National Honor Society
Math Honor Society
History Honor Society
English Honor Society
Business Honor Society
Model Judiciary </p>

<p>Work Experience
Summer Youth Intern for non profit </p>

<p>Volunteer Experience and Community Involvement<br>
Founder and director of a mentoring/ leadership program - received grants to implement program
Vice President of a county prevention coalition youth council
County Youth Advisory Board
State Director for Youth for National Change
National Institute on Drug Abuse Teen Advisory Group
National Teen Council State Representative<br>
Student Human Rights Commission
VolunTeen Ambassador
Girl Scout </p>

<p>Awards and Recognition
2013 Youth Service America NCAM Virginia Youth Ambassador
2013 Minority Student Achievement Committee Grand Award
2013 ANNpower fellow and grantee
2012 Telemundo Hispanic Heritage Essay Winner </p>

<p>I am a first generation, low income 30,000>, and Hispanic female. </p>

<p>Potential schools:
Stanford REA
UNC Chapel Hill
MIT </p>

<p>I think all if them are currently reaches because of the low SAT. Good EC’s though
chance back
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<p>They all seem like reaches at this point but with some work on your academics you never know what could happen! Definitely work on bumping that SAT score</p>

<p><a href=“http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/what-my-chances/1616900-chance-for-umich-georgetown-etc.html#latest”>http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/what-my-chances/1616900-chance-for-umich-georgetown-etc.html#latest</a></p>

<p>You have good potential, but the SAT not matching up with the rest of your stats will definetly hurt you. All the schools you’re looking at would probably be reaches right now… If I were you I would look for some matches and safeties</p>

<p><a href=“http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/what-my-chances/1609588-chance-i-ll-chance-back-p1.html”>http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/what-my-chances/1609588-chance-i-ll-chance-back-p1.html</a></p>

<p>All of them are high reaches.</p>

<p>You’ll need to raise that SAT score MUCH higher (Speaking only for UPenn here) to have a chance. Standardized testing is still dominant, and i’d recommend retaking it in summer or beginning of senior year (With lots of studying) and get between 2200-2400. From what I’ve seen from accepted ED’s and RD’s (Of those, from last year), with those EC’s you could get by with a 2200 (A dream for many applicants like me who don’t have good EC’s like you)</p>

<p>EDIT: Just realized you’re Hispanic, change that to a 2100 for a chance to get into UPenn. </p>

<p>Thank you everyone! I really appreciate the feedback. I definitely know that I have to raise my SAT score. I know these schools are all reaches. I live in Virginia and my safeties are James Madison University, Mary Washington, and American University. </p>

<p>GPA and SAT are used by colleges to see if a candidate is qualified for their institution. Great ECs will not compensate for average academic stats unfortunately.</p>

<p>My thread (chance please): <a href=“http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/what-my-chances/1610985-chances-for-vanderbilt-unc-nyu-uf-and-duke-p1.html”>http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/what-my-chances/1610985-chances-for-vanderbilt-unc-nyu-uf-and-duke-p1.html</a></p>

<p>You should try the Questbridge National Match (senior year), since you’re of low income. All of the schools you listed (except for UNC) are Questbridge partner schools. Study and improve your SAT (2000+) & you could have a good chance of getting matched (accepted w/a full ride). :)</p>

<p>By the way, their College Prep Scholarship (for juniors) is currently open. You should check it out!</p>

<p><a href=“http://www.questbridge.org/for-students/cps-college-prep-scholarship”>http://www.questbridge.org/for-students/cps-college-prep-scholarship</a></p>

<p>Deadline’s March 26th. Good luck!</p>

<p>Thank you @lilliana330 I have heard of Questbridge and now I think I am seriously considering it! </p>