Weakest profile at Stanford

What is the most weakest profile(student) you ever seen that get in Stanford comment here.

Probably not the student that used the term “most weakest” in one of the essays. ?

Seriously though, nobody outside admissions knows and they’re not telling. Assume though that it was an applicant with a major hook.

Agree with @skieurope .

It’s possible that Stanford admits with lower stats could be recruited athletes, or the child of a megadonor. It’s also possible that it could be a student with a compelling story who shows amazing potential. We aren’t privy to that information here on CC, and most people don’t advertise that they got in with low stats.

By definition, the weakest profile admitted is stronger than any profile denied. Maybe you don’t agree with how they weight individual elements in a profile, but that is their choice.

The weakest profiles of US students won’t tell you much. You have to compare your record with other students from your home country.

It would not shock me if the academically weakest student admitted to Stanford was a lineman (or maybe linebacker) for the football team, and therefore very close to being the physically strongest student in the school. They need some muscle to keep their quarterback safe. However, even here they are going to look for top athletes who are also academically quite strong.

The year that I got my masters the starting quarterback for Stanford’s football team was alleged to be close to a straight A student.