weapons in colleges, why are some not considered tools.

<p>why are weapons so strictly forbidden on most campus's, to me it makes no sense. My school and my prior school clear say no knives, but i have about 30 of them in my dorm and carry a few a day, one in pocket and 1 in bag along with multitool. I carry them everyday, with no regret and i use them everyday. I can clearly understand why a school would not want guns on campus, as well as other extreme weapons. Things hich are clearly ment to Kill, or hurt. I consider a Knife to be a tool, and i use it as one. Yes it can be a weapon, but so could a screwdriver or hammer and both would be much more dangerous than a knife. I understand that Most Americans, and especially American men have turned into babies. and the preception of real life things and uses has gone downhill. Such as 30 years ago, it was not a big deal to have a gun in your dorm room. To even carry a gun on a holster was very common, even in huge cities such as NY and Boston. My father did and still does in NY.</p>

<p>a good example would be, a man working in a supermarket. he does the stocking, he carries a knife with him on the job,as a knife is a better investment compared to a razor blade as you can sharpen them. He was opening the boxes and cutting the hard platic wrapings around the products. i saw people noticably turn around and walk away, to even go up to him and say thats a weapon you shouldent have that. even a hispanic women went to complain to the manager. How can the guy do his job without the knife. should he use sisscors or maybe his teeth.</p>

<p>why are knives considered weapons, instead of tools in which they are. They have 1 purpose and that is that of a Cutting instrument. I use my primary knife about 40 times a day. I use it as a tool, and if needed id use it as a wepon, just like i would a screwdriver.</p>

<p>also in general why is america so dahm sensitive to these things. Ive been to europe and i dont think i even saw a Business man without a gentlemans knife. Clearly using it. In many countris especialy The netherlands.</p>

They have 1 purpose and that is that of a Cutting instrument.


<p>There is an interesting epidsode of Samurai Champloo in which (do stop reading if you're sensitive to spoilers, even though this one has little to do with plot) Jin shows up for a job as a "cutter" and realizes that there has been a miscommunication. Jin thought that he was being hired as an assassin, but the job was really for a butcher. In Japanese, the noun "cutter" apparently has two very different applications.</p>

<p>With that in mind, it's clear that knives have practical purposes completely unrelated to violence, and that they are also widely understood to be dangerous tools. I just have one question for you: Why on Earth do you need 30 knives?</p>

<p>Yeah, I carry a leatherman around too, but that's all I ever need. 30?</p>

<p>Do you have some sort of kinky knife fetish?</p>

<p>I collect them. I have knife ranging from production models to handmade pieces coasting $2000+.</p>

<p>some people like to buy clotes, some like to buy electronics. I liked to buy tools, because thats what i get the most satisfaction in.</p>

<p>I totally agree with you. My school has some rule that you are only allowed knives "designed and used" for preparing and eating food. Those knives cut the exact same why that a small pocketknife does..... Why do we consider it acceptable when a school violates our right to carry a weapon? (which is more like a tool, I again agree, but still) If a college took away our right to free speech, it would be the end of the world. When I brough this up at a university aclu meeting, they just laughed at me...very annoying.</p>

<p>I gotta agree. I carry a very small knife on a keychain, but it only has a VERY small blade, a nail file and sissors. I have a slightly larger one with a lot more tools I'd prefer to carry, but I'm not sure if I'd get in trouble for it. I like my little knives, and would never use one as a weapon unless it was absolutely necessary for self defense. Not that the one I have would do much good, it's mostly good for opening CD cases and packages.</p>

<p>UVA has a rule about the size of the knife. I believe anything with a blade 4" or shorter is acceptable</p>

<p>How dumb. I'd just feel more secure if I were able to carry a weapon in my purse. It wouldn't make me any more likely to take risks...I'd be even more aware of my vulnerability. As a 5'2 female, I just want to be able to feel secure. Too much to ask? I want a knife!! haha or a gun.</p>

<p>I seriously hope that you never use knives to eat with.....because they are always weapons and never tools!!!!</p>

<p>What size is a "standard pocket knife" anyways? </p>

<p>By the way, you are a dumbass, don't open your mouth again so you don't make a fool of yourself.</p>

<p>Mavs, that was really unnecessary.</p>

<p>I have a question, I have an athame, a double edged knife used for strictly ritual purposes for my religion (I'm Wiccan and please don't bash me). An athame isn't even used for cutting, it's just... there. It's very important to be and just leaving it would be torture. What do I do?</p>

<p>I would worry less about your athame, and more about your living situation. If you are a practicing witch, make sure the housing director knows about this, and pairs you with someone who will not have a problem with that. Imagine meeting your roommate and learning that she's devoutly Catholic.</p>

<p>Let's make things more simple than an athame. What are you going to do when rituals involve burning candles? You'll need to discuss things with the housing director at the schools you're interested in. I suspect that some of them will cater to your needs much better than others will.</p>

<p>Yeah please do do that because honestly I would be ****ed if I got stuck with a Wiccan roomate. No offense to you I'm just a traditional Protestant.</p>

<p>Well my whole family is Protestant and I respect everyone's beliefs and stuff. I wouldn't do things around them if it made them uncomfortable.</p>