Weather: what kind of clothes to bring?

<p>Hi! I'll be attending princeton this fall but since I do not currently live in the us, i am unfamiliar with the weather in new jersey. I have been warned though that it gets pretty cold in the winter. What is the temperature during autumn and is a jacket enough?</p>

<p>In September it is still warm during the days. Beginning October, it will start cooling down. You should be fine with a jacket and a sweater till Mid November. You better have a heavy jacket from then till Mid Februar</p>

<p>you may want to check out and for winter gear.</p>

<p>70s in autumn; occasionally hotter (80s, even 90s) once in a while.</p>

<p>A jacket is certainly enough for autumn, but for winter you'll want a very heavy coat.</p>

<p>The first few weeks of school will still be shorts and tank tops/T-shirt weather, especially considering the lack of air conditioning in all dorms. I'd estimate it to below 80s, high 70s. Late September-mid November: mid 50s-low 70s. Basically, you'll be wearing jeans/khakis and a T-shirt/polo shirt, something along those lines. If it's a little chilly or it's late at night/early in the morning, a good thing to have would be a light fleece jacket or fairly warm sweatshirt. Mid-November-Late February, sometimes early March: the dead of winter, usually ranging from freezing to mid 40s. You'll definitely need water-proof snow boots (this past winter we had snow up to your mid-calves), a thick winter jacket that will protect you in at least a 20-minute walk around campus, a warm hat, preferably a scarf, and gloves of some sort. Depending on your dorm, it can get somewhat drafty and chilly in your room, so bring warm slippers for cold mornings, sweatpants and sweatshirts to lounge around in, and maybe some warmer socks if you're into that. From early march to late April, it will be high 50s to low 60s, with lots of rain, usually. Definitely bring some type of water-proof shoe you can walk to class in and step into puddles without getting drenched, because Princeton's drainage is notoriously poor. Definitely bring an umbrella or a rainjacket, whatever floats your boat. During this time, you'll still want like a warm hoodie or a light jacket. Then, for the month of May, you'll be back to high 60s, low 70s, wearing T-shirts and shorts or capris, with flip flops usually. And don't forget to bring formalwear for all weather--for girls, light/dark dresses for spring/winter formals, open and closed toes shoes.</p>

<p>Thanks! In addition to formals, should i also bring a few semi- formal dresses just in case or would that be a waste of space? I'm planning just to pack essentials and buy the rest when I reach there.</p>

<p>on a second thought those aren't gonna take up much space anyway...</p>

<p>Yes, definitely bring semi-formal dresses, you use them quite a lot, from fancy dinners to ceremonies to lawnparties at the eating clubs, or just a cute sundress when it's really hot out.</p>