Web and Mobile Computing Careers

What kind of jobs do people who major in Web and Mobile at RIT get?
Essentially I’m looking for the “Typical Job Titles” section on the RIT CS BS page, but as it applies to web and mobile.
Is it only web dev, mobile dev, and UI/UX? Or are there people that end up as programmers and software developers, too?

Thanks for responding

You can get a variety of jobs such as Mobile App/Web Product Manager (Not deep technical but with some Business oriented skill set), Mobile App/WebProduct Owner (Not deep technical but with project management orientation), Mobile App/Web Developer (Deep technical skill set) among other things. In the new omni-channel experience the difference between Mobile and Web is disappearing as most of eCommerce is on Mobile devices but in an non-app setting also known as mobile responsive. This is just a sample of some of the job titles you can apply for with few internships and 1-2 years experience. Most companies have also a rotation program where you can develop the skiilset to grow into these positions.