Webb Institute '17

<p>Anybody else going to Webb?</p>

<p>haha - 55 views.</p>

<p>Are you accepted STH? 55 views in a little over 24 hours is kind of a lot actually considering only about 80 apply each year.</p>

<p>S applied right on the app deadline… no clue when he should expect to hear something?</p>

<p>Did your son interview yet? Interviews are done after application to Webb. The admissions officer last fall said maybe half of the applicants (~40?) get interviews and then up to 26 of those interviewees are accepted. Our S is only a junior so we are looking at next year.</p>

<p>@Quagmiro… S received email today inviting him to come interview. :)</p>

<p>My son did too!</p>

<p>granipc…I would send you a pm but alas do not have enough posts. When are you going for the interview? Are you in Texas? And where?</p>

<p>@chefmomm… don’t know, he didn’t get to call yesterday, going to call today. We are in Houston, how about you? Have you all been up there yet? We visited about this time last year. Very cool little school… :slight_smile: Where else has your son applied?</p>

<p>Oh my gosh, we are in Houson too! Yes we have been there twice. Did an overnight last fall and the open house in October 2011.</p>

<p>Any updates? How did the interviews go?</p>

<p>My son was accepted! He’s is deciding between that and another school.</p>

<p>OMG. You have NO IDEA how horrible this has been. But you will soon. And since I have a daughter there has been much crying. O.k. So after a solid week of hell (a ruined spring break I might add), she went with UNC-Chapel Hill. Full scholarship and one of 20 STEM kids who will be mentored - on a Ph.D. track. Starting June 15. Yep. Summer lab work. </p>

<p>Now let me tell you how horrified I am. I wouldn’t tell her - though she does no I have been in the Webb camp all along. What a dream offer - And me knowing she’d be So well taken care of in that community. I loved everyone I met. I loved the hotel. I love NY. Dammitt!!!</p>

<p>Oh, oh, it was awful. She sent this email this morning - the last minute. Her decision - I could have tortured her into taking Webb. Actually there were moments when I tried. Ultimately she would have done it for me - but of course I wouldn’t really do it. </p>

<p>I don’t FULLY understand why she’s doing this. But am moving forward. We are moving forward. Better restock on Kleenex!</p>

<p>Do check back with me. Please. Although I will be VERY jealous if your son ends up at Webb! HA! </p>

<p>OH, the system wouldn’t let me message!</p>

<p>S plans (at this point) to apply ED to Webb so an acceptance by them makes the choice.</p>

<p>That was my S plan last year at this time. He did an overnight visit in September but decided to wait for RD as he was finishing up his Eagle Scout award before completing and submitting. ED is definitely the way to go if he’s sure. The waiting this spring has been tough. Good luck!</p>

<p>Gosh… haven’t even checked this board in awhile, never much traffic so I forget to look! S also got acceptance to Webb. He’s down to 3 schools, but I think Webb may be 3rd on his list at this point. But I agree, CANCmom, what a great opportunity and wonderful community! He loves it, too… but not sure how he feels about the size and it is quite remote. We’ll see… still a little time to weigh everything. CANCmom, what will your daughter major in at UNC? I’m always interested… S ONLY applied to schools that had a Naval Architecture/Marine Engineering or Naval Engineering degree, so I pretty much am intimately familiar with them all. HA!</p>

<p>Quagmiro, seems they had a record number of applicants this year… 117. I believe they have a class of about 26 each year. Good luck to your S next year! If he is looking at other schools for this major, feel free to PM me, S applied to most of them!</p>

<p>Class of 2017 was initially 27 students, with one who should be a sophomore that rejoined the freshman class. 3 officially withdrew before semester’s end leaving the class 24 in total. Do your research before committing…</p>

<p><a href="http://www..com/NY/WI_comments.html%5B/url%5D">http://www..com/NY/WI_comments.html</a></p>

<p>Sure wish I would have seen this prior to now… Seriously. Ask the questions.</p>

<p>Ok so it blocked the web address. Google “students review” dot com. Type in Webb Institute. There you will get a first hand account of what life on the campus is truly like.</p>