<p>Is anyone else salivating over BMC after watching that DVD???</p>

<p>im getting ready to watch it right now! im already salivating. i just have to convince my parents...</p>

<p>I was soooo happy to see you got in too!</p>

<p>haha yeah after my tragic unlikely from wellesley. thats ok. i liked bryn mawr better the whole time anyway. LOVED the webisodes. i really want to go there. but.....parents. and mine are being RIDICULOUS right now.</p>

<p>PM me; we should email!</p>

<p>i loved the webisodes! i really liked the roller coaster tour :)</p>

<p>Congrats inspiration08!! Haha I got rejected from Wellesley too, but it's their loss because we're going to rock Bryn Mawr :) And the webisodes were awesome, as well as pretty much everything BM did during the application process. I love them :)</p>

<p>I, three, got rejected from Wellesley and I'm surprisingly fine with it. Ya Bryn Mawr!</p>

<p>I saw the webisodes before I was accepted but now I'm watching them again with all my family members, haha. The roller coaster tour was definitely my favorite, even though it makes me a little sick when it's on a bigger screen.</p>

<p>Yeah, if I am rejected from the rest of my colleges at this point, I probably wouldn't care.</p>

<p>inspiration08, you got an unlikely from wellesley!? o_O how do you all know your wellesley rejections already?</p>

<p>yes i did. and i think we're just assuming we'll get rejected because we got unlikelies.</p>

<p>wait, what are unlikelies? i didnt get anything from wellesley after i turned in my app</p>

<p>we applied early evaluation. its a special program where you get a letter in late Feb indicating your chances of admissions as likely, possible, or unlikely.</p>

<p>OOOOOO...i soooo knew that ^_^ yea, i dont think im getting in:</p>

<p>3.3 unweighted
690 reading/800 math/650 writing = 2140 total</p>

<p>lawl..but im <3'ing bmc more and moreeeeeee</p>

<p>does anyone know if brynmawr has a skating pond in the winter like smith?</p>

<p>In my case, I know I was rejected because I'm international, and they let us know online on the 21st. But that was the same day I got Bryn Mawr so I didn't even care :) :)</p>

<p>We have a pond but there is a fence around it. I am not even sure if it gets cold enough in the winter for the pond to freeze (it definitely did not freeze this year). On the bright side of life, there was an organized ice skating trip to Philly a few weeks ago :) Bryn Mawr is really good about offering a lot of short trips to Philly like this one.</p>

<p>no chance with the waterfall either then huh? hahahah ish okay...at least it snowssss ^_^ which means i finally get my white christmasssss!!!!</p>

<p>i, four, was also rejected from wellesely...but no big deal because i love bryn mawr. Anyone live around the philly area?</p>

<p>Haha, I'm around if you count hour-two (depending on traffic) as 'around.' Lancaster, anywho. Not really anything like philly, haha. But I DO know how to properly order a cheesesteak at Gino's so that makes me happy enough. And I used the word 'jawn' a lot of the summer (if I'm spelling that right). That's pretty much the extent of my philly-ness.</p>

<p>wow, ladies....looks like wellesley's missing out this year.</p>