Webster University MT

<p>I just thought I’d add a bit of info on this AMAZING program! I am currently a Freshman MT major at Webster Univesity’s Conservatory of Theatre Arts! As it says in the name Webster is a conservatory BFA program. They offer degrees in both MT and Acting and both are trully phenomenal programs! What really captured my attention aside from the notable alumni and AMAZING faculty was the emphasis and methods in acting! Webster really pushes each student to discover themselves and eachother. They teach us how to be smart, thoughtful, and HEALTHY actors! On top of the Musical Theatre training, we all recieve extensive training in Shakespeare, Commedia Dell’Arte, nuetral Mask, and many many more! They really encourage us to really explore all areas and genres of the wonderful world of theatre! Webster also has great relationships and affiliations with famous theatres like the St.Louis Repertory Theatre and The MUNY, current students often gets cast at both theatres!</p>

<p>I hope this post will inspire a lot of you talented to folks to audition this coming year. If you are looking for a program that will challenge you artistically and intellectually, then this is the place to be! </p>

<p>If any of you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to ask me!</p>

<p>I have loads of respect for the Webster program – thank you for sharing your thoughts as well! </p>

<p>(It of course doesn’t hurt at all that my all-time fave Broadway dude Norbert Leo Butz <em>swoon, faint</em> is on that alumni list :D)</p>

<p>Glad to hear such positives. I just paid the fee for my D’s Webster audition at Unifieds</p>

<p>I also think Webster is a brilliant program!
My best friend in the world, Amelia, is a freshman MT and I know she absolutely loves being there!</p>

<p>Mad respect. :)</p>

<p>Have done neutral masks and commedia a lot this year and would be interested in hearing more about the program! What is the acceptance rate, and how are the dance and voice components of the song? Who are some of the alumni from Webster besides Norbert Butz? Thanks!</p>

<p>I believe the acceptance rate is somewhere around 8%. Each year the classes vary especially because Webster does NOT use a waitlist. Dance at Webster is awesome! MT’s take dance classes with the BFA Dance department and it’s SO challenging! You are placed in a class based off of skill level. Mt’s are required to take Ballet 1 & 2 (you can go up 4 if you want), Jazz 1&2 (goes up to 3), MT dance styles (taught by tony nominee Lara Teeter), and Tap.Mts’s take a hour voice lesson a four years, and you are matched with a teacher by the music department. We are also required to take 2 semesters of choir. Mt’s also get a 25min MT private coaching which focuses specifically on MT songs. In the conservatory blocks we take intro to musical theatre, musical theatre song study, musical theatre scene study, and seniors take an advanced musical theatre song study course that caters to their senior caberet. </p>

<p>Besides the amazing Norbert we have Jenifer Lewis (Hairspray, dreamgirls, famous movie actress) Michael James Scott (Book of Mormon, Hair, Fosse) Jeffrey D. Sams (Five Guys named Moe) Josh Fanklin (Ghost, Anything goes) Kevin Earley (Les mis, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Daddy Long Legs) Hunter Bell (Writer of Title of Show), Rocky Carrol (OBC the piano lesson, currently on NCIS) and many many more! </p>

<p>The head of musical theatre Lara Teeter is a tony nominated actor (On Your Toes revival) notable director, and the nicest guy you’ll ever meet!</p>

<p>Wow thank you so much. What sort of dance should we have going into the program (double pirouettes, jetes, etc) as this is my main priority at the moment? And how do you find campus life as an mt student? I would message you but I am a new member and am not allowed! Thank you again!</p>

<p>There are no set requirements or skill level you should have prior to coming to Webster. If you do however, you should definitely let the faculty/auditioners know so they could place you in the appropiate dance level. At Webster the conservatory IS YOUR LIFE! Campus life is GREAT as a MT student. Due to the fact that you would be in the conservatory you already have your second family! There are always fun activities going on within that group. A lot of my friends have made an effort to reach out more into the college community outside of the conservatory. It’s hard to do that because of the work load, but very possible. They seem to really enjoy being active in other music clubs, environmental, and Student Gov clubs. Plus Webster Groves is the cutest little town with really nice resturants and shops. It’s very cozy and safe here!</p>

<p>My daughter absoultely loved the folks she met at her audition in Chicago, and I hope they loved her back! She’d love to come to Webster!</p>

<p>jeffandann- my D felt the same way. They were definately great to work with</p>

<p>Lara Teeter was in town performing the role of Captain Andy in “Showboat” and he did a Master Class at d’s high school. He was great in “Showboat” and d said that he was awesome in the Master Class. D really enjoyed it as Mr. Teeter shared his expertise and experience with her class and his remarks on their individual performances were insightful and supportive. Webster is now at the top of her list of MT schools.</p>

<p>WOW!!! I am so glad to hear all of this great feedback about Webster! I speak the truth when I say this place changed my life in a good way!!! If any of you lovely people have questions please don’t hesitate to message me.</p>

<p>My D auditioned for Webster at the LA Unifieds this past weekend and also had a wonderful experience! They appear to have a wonderful program with talented teachers. My D really hopes to get in.</p>

<p>I have not visited this site in a LONG time but I am happy to report that my D is an Alum ('10) and she is living in L.A. and doing well. She was a MT major but is mostly auditioning in television and commercials. She loved Webster because of the strong acting program for MT majors, and many other things. So far in 2013 she has booked 2 commercials and one small co-star role and just booked a short tour so things are going well.<br>
Feel free to email me with questions.</p>

<p>My s really enjoyed his audition, is a strong dancer, and has interest in television and film as well as mt, so there seem to be many good things for him in this program, a good fit. He’s in academically, so if he is lucky enough to be accepted artistically, we will be in touch. Thanks so much for posting and offering to answer any questions!</p>

<p>My D was very interested in Webster before the Chicago Unifieds. She is even more interested now. I think she felt she had a Great audition for both the MT and Acting programs. Has anyone heard when the University will let kids know if they have been accepted at either or both programs? Thank you.</p>

<p>My research indicates that decisions weren’t out last year until late March. I know there are two more “on campus” audition days in March, so it may be a few more weeks. Sorry! It’s killing me, too.</p>

<p>Webster emails the people they are very interested in but I don’t think it means you can’t get in without getting the email. I know two boys who were emailed, both very talented. I just think they try to keep in touch because they know those people will have other choices. I didn’t apply there. Good luck to all. This is stressfull!</p>

<p>Thank you OddDad and actor12. I guess no news is good news, at least until the end of March. Soo, the nail biting continues for a couple of months.</p>

<p>My nephew is a junior in high school and will be applying for MT programs this fall. How many students in the MT program are accepted into the program each year? How many boys and how many girls?</p>