Wedding gift etiquette

My sister gets me 2 or 3 of Emmi Fondue (the kind you see in the grocery store or can get on Amazon) every Christmas. I use one of my wedding gifts as a fondue pot- a decades old small Corelle casserole dish. Works perfectly and no fancy fondue pot necessary! :slight_smile:

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It was 2 years ago, when my former boss gave me a huge fondue package for my son, it was far too big to put in their luggage, and would have cost at least $35 to mail. So, a visitor to my house saw, it, went crazy, how her kids moving to area would love it, etc., so out it went.

To those who haven’t been around, this boss’s wife would give me the same clothes, different colors, in size Large, in Macy’s boxes. After the first year, when I went to exchange, & Macy’s said they never carried the line, both shirts went into recycle bin. They were so old fashioned, same yellow stripe, probably went to rags. Well, I I,agne the fondue pot followed their path.

A little off topic…but if you are dying for a fondue pot…keep an eye out at your local thrift shops. We get brand new ones in their boxes frequently where I volunteer.


I know. You end up needing to bundle various gifts to make it substantial.

I have been inclined to keep the wedding gifts from many decades ago that were either sentimental to me or very utilitarian. I have a clock now in my family room that is outdated and not really that attractive but it brings back fond memories of the now long gone longtime family friends of my parents that gave it to us .

On the other hand, I basically gave away a beautiful wooden salad bowl with a pewter base in a yard sale long ago because I just did not like the person who gave it to us. Long story, but this person was just not my cup of tea and every time I used the salad bowl , it just did not not bring fond memories.