Wedding/shower gift for mature bride

The Gurgling Cod was one of the standard wedding gifts in my mother’s family. (She’s from Boston.) I love mine.

My favorite wedding present was a teeny tiny vase that is perfect to stick a few wild flowers in. I also really like my mother’s very shallow vases with frogs (the spiky things not the amphibians) so you can pretend you do ikebana.

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And apparently Amazon is sending me a microwaveable popcorn maker as we speak…


Giving it started with my aunt who gave it to me and my sister when we narried and I’ve continued the tradition. More than several years ago, my sister was invited to a “celebrity” wedding (she sat next to Tipper and Al Gore) and she gave the couple the cod.

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This wine cooler if the couple drinks wines that best served chilled.

I obviously don’t use it every day… but we use it every time we serve white or rose. :slight_smile:

ETA: it also comes in two “marble” colors. There are matching ice bucket and pitcher available.

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Perhaps a nice picture frame for a wedding/honeymoon photo. This is one I particularly like.

No offense and it sounds like a Boston/New England tradition, but I would be hesitant to get something like that for someone (unless I knew that was something they liked or wanted). Anything decorative actually can be risky.


I think the Cod is kind of hideous, but it’s the sort of thing you can bring out for a barbecue or a festive meal. It’s always good for a laugh and breaks the ice.


None taken. Yes it is/was primarily a Boston thing but I have given it to people on both coasts who seem to enjoy it. Those who are unfamiliar with it are always surprised by the gurgling.

Such a lot of great ideas!

We use this wine cooler all of the time. We actually have 2, one for white and one for rose😀

Let us know what you decide!

I got this serving tray for the wedding we are attending this weekend. The bride and groom are older and have everything. The tray I got is actually nicer than this one since it is made from zebra wood and not white like the one in this picture.


I’ve done a big more digging and she loves her coffee, but black, I had been considering a frother, so I think I am doing insulated coffee mugs (the ones we use every day) along with several pounds of specialty coffee from the coolest shop in our area.

I am thinking to group some of these great ideas for a special wedding basket of indulgences.


Don’t forget the gurgling cod! :smile:


One of my favorite wedding presents, still used 36 years later, is a lovely striped wooden cutting board made from different kinds of hardwoods. We use it for cutting bread and as hot plate etc. Coincidentally I am on vacation now and just had dinner with the high school friend that gave it to me.

I often see similar in art/craftsman stores. Looks a bit like these - Handmade wood cutting board: black walnut sugar maple and | Etsyk_Cj0KCQjws4aKBhDPARIsAIWH0JVANIXm5ZNWqH4LMMZu2szKwYpjL1yGCBvhbm9kq87SH5XkBVXgeFYaAo1vEALw_wcB_k&utm_content=go_12665398257_121762925993_511610210343_aud-1184785539978:pla-303628061699_c__563848146_120240000&utm_custom2=12665398257&gclid=Cj0KCQjws4aKBhDPARIsAIWH0JVANIXm5ZNWqH4LMMZu2szKwYpjL1yGCBvhbm9kq87SH5XkBVXgeFYaAo1vEALw_wcB


That is one of my fav gifts for sons friends getting their first apartment

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I do love all my cutting boards, too many, but each has their own purpose

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I should add that I bought a few cutting boards at a craft show, each with various types of wood. For a wedding gift, I bought one from C & B, the couples’ choice.

My brother made one like this in wood shop in 8th or 9th grade. My mother loved it then and still loves it now, 50+ years later.


BoldLoft has some cute couple gifts. I bought some couple pillow cases for our bed recently and we’ve been married over 20 years, but I also think they would be cute in a newlywed bed. You would need to know if standard or king size. I’ve seen other couple items on Amazon too—apron sets (maybe include a romantic cooking for 2 cookbook), “hubby”/“wifey” baseball hats or t-shirts to wear on the honeymoon.