Wedding/shower gift for mature bride

A friend is getting married, she is nearly 40, so has lived independently for years. Her shower invite says “something you love using daily” and I am struggling to find that cool item that won’t also be something a normal adult already has. Any ideas?

Take it at face value. Not everyone has every gadget. One of my Ds loves cherries and I am giving her a cherry pitter . Something I would never use. 30 yr old D is getting married. She got a cool carafe for making dressing. I’ve never had one but would love one. Maybe something that’s a little luxury like silpat. Also, at 62 I would be thrilled to get new fluffy white towels. If she’s into monograms maybe linens with her new initial.

We have a lady in my bible study who got married to dear friend after both spouses had died. She had her own home forever. She suggested monogram shower with her new initials. It was fun - towels, totes, tervis.

If not something you already love, then something you’d love to have.


That’s a fun idea for a shower.
You could do towels, sheets, a nice blanket, fancy water bottle, fancy socks, lotions (I’d only buy unscented or a scent you know she’d like), coffee mugs or wine glasses (the insulated ones that are in breakable could be fun), ear buds or a portable speaker, a really nice basket or set of baskets (I’m picturing the weaved baskets they make in SC, but I can’t remember what they are called), comfy loungewear or PJs… think of something you really like and consider an option similar to that.

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Wooden salad bowl set, electric juicer, banana stand.


Rubbermaid FreshWorks vegetable storage containers. Use them every day.

A cute spoon rest. Never thought I’d need one but got one for myself and love it.

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More appropriate probably for shower gifts -
The View had view your deal stuff on this morning, only available for 24 hours . Buzzee beeswax wraps . At least 50 percent off. Containers to keep herbs fresh. Maybe a plant /herb type kit if she likes to grow things. Think about what you know she likes and gravitates to and start from there.

Electric tea kettle with a selection of tea. (or coffee version like a French press and coffee).


A favorite cookbook or a recipe you make often with the ingredients

Many people, even in their 40s, don’t have an air fryer or an instant pot. If you use those, maybe she would like one too.

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A really good paring knife, like the Henckels top of the line.


The Gurgling Cod is my favorite gift for people who “have everything”. We got when one when we got married before we had anything and it is still one of my favorite things. We use it all the time. DD has asked for one once she moves out.


This would definitely be my choice, I only own a couple of really good knives (I really should buy myself more, I’m a big cook), and always use those first. My kids bought me a sous vidd which I really like, my sister convinced me I needed a handheld juicer (which I did, I make marinades and salad dressings).

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The Pampered Chef chopper. It’s my most used kitchen gadget that doesn’t use electricity!

A nice warm throw and a gift card to BN or Amazon for books.


I just got rid of my chopper. It was probably 20 years old. Just had not used it in a few years!

I recently bought my son and DIL a cherry pitter - so many times I have heard them brag about that item they now have in their possession!

I guess I think of splurgy items. Do you know if they drink alcohol or coffee?
Some nice barware - glass or brass perhaps (if you know their decor)
Expensive high quality coffee beans for decadent coffee and a subscription to a magazine or newspaper for leisurely weekend mornings.
Warm cozy robes for the couple
A luxurious throw - not the $20 HomeGoods one (which I have many!) but one that is a splurge. Here is one example - BBB has some as well, less expensive:

I’ve given these throws to a couple of people and they are well loved

You can pay full price at Nordstrom or other places if you want more color choices.

I second the really good knife idea too.

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I second (or I guess third, now) the idea of a really great knife! My personal favorite is this one. I am on the petite side and it is perfect but we also have an 8”. DH likes it better but I feel like I am in a jousting match when I use it. WUSTHOF Classic 6" Chef's Knife – Wüsthof

I have also given spice assortments from Penzey’s. They come in different varieties, for salads or baking or just classics, and the prices range from the $30’s to $200 so there is something for every budget.


Also as an older person I’d love more of the nice oxo storage containers. They are a nice splurge. My getting married D registered some with stainless lids are are very cool looking

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Nice sheets. Jo Malone shower gel. Scent diffuser or nice candle. These aren’t clutter and are a bit of luxury.

Also, depending on situation, beach towels, wind resistant beach umbrella, nice picnic blanket, beach chairs.

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If she likes to entertain, I gave the Jacques Pepin book Menus:A Book for Your Meals and Memories ( one of Oprah’s favorite things). Beautifully illustrated to record meals you’ve served. 5 stars on Amazon.

Coffee , wine or beer subscriptions. Monthly flower subscription. Spices as already mentioned. Fancy cherries like Luxardo if she’s into cocktails. Cocktail syrup gift box. Maple syrup gift box(Runamok). Good luck with finding a great gift!

So I actually do the “something I use every day” that I love as gifts for my best friends every year for the holidays - these are often items I’ve discovered in the previous year…such items that became hits: A collapsible colander (like this one); a microwave popcorn popper (which I added a jar of high quality popcorn, a stick of butter, a small jar of black truffle powder and a shaker of Spike seasoning (which I love of popcorn):; and a cold brew maker:


The popcorn basket is a fun idea. Netflix Night basket! These Cravings popcorn seasonings look yum:


How much do you want to spend?

A wine of the month club…or the craft beer of the month club would be nice if the couple drinks beer or wine. If wine, you could give a couple of wine glasses and if beer a couple of beer mugs. Put the gift notation in the glasses.