Week before college starts.

<p>Does anyone know anything about the optional activity a week before you need to report to campus. It's a get to know each other and do service work. Wondering if anyone has done this and what their experience was.</p>


<p>My D will be a senior, but I only remember optional stuff for parents, not students. Of course, lots of things have changed. Did you get a mailing or are you getting info fron the website?</p>

<p>D had gotten an email about it. Since I had posted I have found out more about it. It is a 5 day mission event sponsored by the Trinity Chapel Fellowship. It is the week before orientation. They do service work and other activities, it's a way to get to know some other students and get to know San Antonio while helping others. They only take 30 freshmen, D signed up but hasn't heard yet.</p>